Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Last Email!

Dear family and friends,
I’m feeling really grateful. I was trying to get my thoughts together
to bear my last testimony at zone conference last week and the
overwhelming impression that came to me that I can only be grateful.
I studied Timothy this morning. I want to be a lot more like Timothy.
He’s so trust worthy and diligent and like Paul says, he doesn’t seek
his own. I also like the older fatherly Paul who’s really wise.
Ah, so many wonderful things happened this week. We’ve been incredibly
busy and we had exchanges with 3 sets of sisters. I love new
missionaries. And old missionaries. They are changing so much in their
We taught the Conde family this week- they’d been discouraged in
sharing the gospel and we felt we needed to go there. We read about
Abinadi and how Alma was the only one who even listened.. The look on
Sis. Conde’s face- “Wait, and he’s the Alma…!” I love the moments when
we get the plan a little better.
And Sis. Bateman and I had a moment where we were teaching this old
nanay that God loved her and we sort of expected the same responses,
and then it was half in Tagalog and we got confused. We didn’t know
what to do, so we prayed! And as Sis. Aguido prayed she broke down
into tears. As she looked up, she said, ‘sisters, He listens.” I will
never ever ever get tired of hearing people pray for the first time
for real.
We found Sis. Ate. I think she’s the one. She’s a kindergarten
teacher. Oh, I love her. She needs to come to church.
I gave a talk on Sunday about the filipino favorite- Lehi’s dream. I
used to laugh because it’s the first story, and usually the only one
they make it to (1 Nephi 8 lang gud!) But it’s become one of my
favorites, because it’s really true. The Agirs were beaming. I love
them. Hold to the rod- and it will bring true joy.
We keep finding more members of the Sabihon family. God has something
great in store for them.
My companion got shampoo in her eye, and it was this beautiful
companionship moment where we had to hold her eye open under the water
for 20 minutes. She is one of my favorite people in this world.
Like Paul reminds Timothy, we can continue in the things that we’ve
learned and been assured of, but essentially we must know of who we
have learned them (2 Tim 3:14). I certainly didn’t learn anything of
myself here.
I know it’s from wonderful companions. I have had the privelege to
serve with 10 of my sisters. I know with all of my heart and head and
dughan that God knows exactly what he is doing when he assigns
missionary companionships. And people truly can be instruments.
I’ve learned from wonderful leaders- not everyone gets to have 2
mission presidents, and I count myself lucky. Both President Schmutz
and President McCurdy have left indelible examples of faith and
But of course, I’ve mostly been tutored really gently and sometimes
not so gently by the Spirit of God in the medium of prayer and
2 Tim 1:7
7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and
oflove, and of a sound mind.
I read this the other day in a Liahona when I felt stressed.
This is from Alma Taylor, one of the first missionaries in Japan who
baptized no one and taught few lessons.
“It is the unique testimony of all the missionaires of our church that
their missionary days are the happiest of their lives… They hold such
testimony as a priceless pearl.”
I do expect that many more happy times are going to come and so I
won’t exclude that. But I just add my testimony that this is a
priceless pearl. I am incredibly happy.
This week, I’d love your prayers for the 8 investigators that we’ve
goaled to have at sacrament. It’s going to take all our effort, but I
know we can do it! And for the success of our branch activity- Siaton
is really really coming together.
I love you! Kitakitz… Pyr!
Sister Tueller

Friday, November 14, 2014

Gasa from Amahan sa Langit

Dearest family,

Everyone's life sounds wonderful. Your words are helping me and the people in Siaton. 

Sis. Rosita is one of my favorite people in the world and eternities. She has grown so much while I've been here. We went to her house this week and she was very distraught because one of the Elders' recent converts wasn't coming to church and she didn't know how to help. And she has memorized basically everything that we've ever told her. She's the best fellowshipper in the branch. We were about to start our lesson and I asked her about her baby cow- it's so adorable! and she goes 

"Oh, Gasa ni Amahan sa Langit(Heavenly Father)? he's eating grass."
We got really concerned because as much as she loves her God, we probably shouldn't be naming our cows after Him.
But we also just couldn't stop laughing at how wonderful she is.
But don't worry, his real name is Gasa or Gift. She knows she's not supposed to be using sacred things as she told me like, Why didn't you know that? She just likes to remember that this cow was given to her because she paid her tithing. I need to be more like Sis. Rosita. Her tooth was sick and she asked Sis. Cabrera to pray for it as we started and then 2 mins later she said it was better because of her faith.

We found more really cool people this week!
The best part has been that they all live really close to our members. It's reinforced my testimony that Father knows our times and our bounds. He's putting people in the places that we need to be.

Bro. Aaron is doing so well. He's a 19 year old college student studying education and struggling in his family. We've been teaching him for a while, but this week, he started asking the questions. I can teach the apostasy over and over agian, but when Aaron asked, "why are there so many churches?" that was when he could really get an answer. Ask and ye shall receive. We have to seek before we can find.

Cheryl has reached a point where she's not really progressing. She has class on Sundays and so we're at a heart breking time. But again, Heavenly Father knows our times and bounds.

I love my mission. I have never been so happy. I love the Book of Mormon. We explained that book so many times this week, and I know that if they'll just read it- they'll get it!

We had a service project and we planted trees that will grow in 12 years. There's a parable. It was muddy and slippery and we had the best time. 

I love my Savior! And all of you. Thanks for being the best.

Sister Tueller

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Are you really happy?

I've been thinking a lot about daily miracles this week. President Uchtdorf's talks from this conference and last: being grateful in our circumstances, and seeking spiritual light have really settled on my mind. We can be grateful for pure gospel light in any time. And we can't see far enough into the galaxies to know why these circumstances are good for us, but we are grateful because there are stars and we know that they mean something more. I know that daily miracles is the way to get through any trial in our lives. 

Happy Halloween diay! And Happy Birthday to Dad last week, and to Gracie girl this week!

Siaton is teaching me. I'm applying what I call "practical optimism" which comes closer to true faith than practicality or pure optimism alone because it encompasses planned action. 

The people here are doing so well! In Siaton, I think we've been blessed with more new investigators than I've had in any other area, and then they sometimes don't progress, but we don't stop believing in them. It's still so exciting to enter someone's house and sing "I am a Child of God" and really see them as a child of God who he needs and wants in His church and I'm somehow lucky enough to be an instrument in doing that.

We found this family, across a rickety bamboo bridge who is so ready for the gospel. The Sabihon family sat in awe while we told them about truth, not just anything that someone tells us. Bro. Roland is a computer repair man, Sis. Jinky just had a new baby, and we need some strong families and a new clerk who knows how to use a computer here in Siaton. 
Plus all of their neighbors want to listen and are looking for truth. 

Of course, with sucess comes trials. Sis. JingJing is choosing to listen to the voices that tell her not to leave the religion that she's used to and so she isn't ready now. But the seed is there.
Bro. Santo has also gone back to alcohol :( a bunch of their family came down from the mountains and then that was it.
But Cheryl is doing well. We talked about repentance but I'm not going to say we taught because she taught us. Sis. Cabrera and I just looked around- she had explained all the steps of repentance that we learn in Sunday school- because she understands.

I love my companion Sis. Cabrera. She is so refreshing and loving and a missionary and I love working with her.
We also worked with our senior couple the Henrichsens yesterday. They were such good sports and I saw that testimony has no bounds. That was the gift of tongues in action. We taught the Tinguban family at this big house that we always pass, but we've never been allowed in- miracle of having a nice American couple with you! And we thought that they might just say, "We're Catholic, but we'll listen" In fact they did, probably 5 times. But then, Bro. really understood the apostasy and sat up a little and said, "Then what?" Sister and Elder Henrichsen told him the amazing story of Joseph Smith and he sat back a little with a smile. "He saw Heavenly Father, didn't he?.... Come back on Saturday. We'll study this."
They would be so good for Siaton

We taught the Agir family. I feel like we gave them a telescope last night. No one had ever really explained to them why we go to the temple- it was just something we should do and it's really pretty. So we talked to them about the highest level of the celestial kingdom and we asked them if they were happy. They are much happier kono now than they  were 3 months ago when they didn't go to church. But they think that they could probably be happier if they went to the temple. Please pray that they'll have a way to do it! I love Bro. Junie and Sis. Leoncia. 

Here's some wise advice from Preach My Gospel (specifically about how to work with ward (okay, branch) leaders, but it's a pretty fix it all formula) : Develop a "How can I help?" attitude. 
Don't you love that? We don't look at the problems and say well, that's too bad. Or say, "Here let me fix that." And we don't just ask, "How can I help?" and then walk away. But we live it! We make it our attitude and the thing we search for everyday. I've been trying it in my prayers and it's incredible. How can I help Heavenly Father today?

I know He has something for each of us. And he loves you. I'm really grateful. More next week!

Sister Josie Tueller

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Siaton Round 3

Mahanturong family,
How was FHE this week? I love the news from Laie and every otherpart of the world. (Just bear with the technical difficulties- the space bar doesn't always work..)
I'm feeling so happy right now. Siaton is this special place. The rice fields and the NORSU college, and the putputs and the videoke. We have this gorgeous area called Maloh and the beach there is rocks not sand and then the fishermen go out there and we stand and wait for a tricycle as the sun is setting- it's literally pink and red. I can't even describe it. Pictures don't do it. But I'm lucky and blessed.This is something coming from the girl from Hawaii. I just love the Philippines, and mostly the Filipino people.
We had transfer calls! Sis. Joson is sadly leaving me. She's one of my best friends.
(I'm sorry my time is short..)

We found some new areas!

Updates on old people- no news yet on Cheryl! But the former investigator family is doing so well. Her uncle hasn’t had any alcohol in 3 weeks- first because he didn’t have any money and then he justdecided that it would be better that way. So he’s there withhisadorable children all day every day. And then Bro. Santos cameto church.He just happens to be really good friends with Bro. Agir, our returned less active.  That works well. Bro. Agir went all the way out to the gate to fetch Bro. Santos and his adorable children.

Maybe a picture’s worth a thousandwords..

I am so happy. 

Our Branch FHE had a low attendance but those who came were strengthened! The success was that it happened!

We also had a baptism for the Elder’s investigator Sister Mercy. She’s church hymn belting mini skirt wearing Christian woman who loves the Mormons. These are the 3 ladies I sit by at church while Sis. Joson playsthepiano.

Sis. Jing Jing came to church. And she talked the whole time. And now she wants to join the church activities.  She’s scared to be baptized because last time she switched religions, and the time before, she had a family member die. But I can see how she’sbeen prepared by God.

I’m trying to read the whole book of mormon(not in my personal study, because I have questions for Siaton) before I go home, so that’s my free moments rightnow. In my personal study, I’m learning a little bit about how to do this grand work. I love to gather Israel and that happens for ever! We’re building towers, adding peace, praying in faith, enlarging the memories, and learning how to love more. I smile every minute.

I loveyou all. This really is thework of salvation.
Keep doing the best things! That's what we can take with us!
Sister Josie Tueller

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prayer of Hope

Minahal ko,

Siaton is a marvelous place. I'm at the wonderful point in an area where the people are starting to recognize me, and I know every place, and then you still find new ones!

Thank you so much for your prayers for those wonderful people!

Cheryl has been utmost in my thoughts recently. She is a sweet 18 year old away from her family going to college. She's some how related to Nanay Marciana so she lives with them. This week is semester break, and they get new schedules next week which I pray will not conflict with going to church. Cheryl has grown so much. She used to be very much like any 18 year old. I think she wasn't quite sure that there was a God. (She's about 4 foot 10 and a little bit like a teddy bear. She looks a little worried all the time, but if you smile at her, she beams back.) But this week, when I asked her if she knows that God loves her, she says. "Of course Sister!"
Why can you say that Cheryl?
"Because I felt his love when I prayed with the missionaries and when I read the Book of Mormon."

She's this wonderfully innocent deep thinking spirit and I know she has a role to help Siaton. She's committed to a baptismal date that we've set without knowing her second semester classes, but we know that she's going to make it. She has such a strong new testimony.

General Conference was a miracle. In previous years, Siaton has had to go all the way to Dumaguete for conference, an hour away and enough money to make it a barrier. This year, for the first time, we had conference right here in Siaton chapel! And it'll still take some adjusting, but on Sunday morning, we had even higher than a normal church attendance! They tried so hard to understand the English broadcast and some of the dear sisters sat glued to the TV. Saturday morning was a little bit of a different gathering. We set up the whole sacrament hall with chairs, and we even waited 5 minutes, but it was just the 4 missionaries of Siaton watching the prophets counsel the whole world. But I think I felt more strongly there than I did in 5-C or in a large stake center in Talisay that this church is led by God. God isn't grand and big and flashy usually. Granted there are pillars of fire and the Lazaruses raised from the dead and I believe in those. But I also believe in a smile of growing belief, a tear that we don't understand, a word written on paper in answer to a question. Truth is truth. 

Bebe Rose also came! The Davis family is a wonderful less active family we work with and they are coming back. Their son Eman came back from working in Mindanao and he is so strong! He brought Bebe Rose with him and their cute fat little baby. A week ago, she wanted nothing to do with the church, on Sunday, she came in Sunday best and smiled the whole time and we're setting a baptismal date tonight. They need to get married, and then I can see them strengthening Siaton for years to come.

If you could pray that the branch will be inspired by the Branch Home evening on Saturday, that would be well appreciated!

I'm doing great- the scriptures answer my questions, Heavenly Father and my beloved companion listen to my silly concerns. No coconuts fell on our heads in the storm! I use my sky blue rechargeable flashlight and read the Book of Mormon with people every night. Israel is becoming more united everyday. That all makes me incredibly happy.

I love you all!

Sister Tueller

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gihigugma kita sa Diyos

Mga palangga nako!

How is everyone this week?

I'm incredibly excited for conference. Sis. Joson just laughs at me now whenever I turn to her and tell her that I'm excited for conference. But it's true. This time, I really want some answers for Siaton. It's such a special place. 

My companion dealt with some sickness this week. She's doing much better now. Thank you for all of your prayers. I felt them really acutely as I stayed in the house for a couple of days.

Sister Catherine’s baptism was incredible. We had a few bagyos pass through here which made it a special experience. We weren’t able to go visit her on the day before her baptism (see sick companion) and so on Saturday, we worried if she’d be able to make it, or if they were flooded or any manner of things that float into a worried missionary’s head. Sis. Joson had great faith and managed to shower (this is the Filipino belief. You can’t shower if you have a fever. But once you shower, it will completely go away.) and we got to the chapel for our 3 o clock baptism.
Luckily, the Elders had remembered to fill up the font, but it was going really slow, and very very green. We spent a few minutes - I'm sure we were a really funny sight- 4 missionaries, plus the couple missionaries, and then some of the YSA at the church, all trying to use the 2 brooms in the chapel to get out some of the slime and fly wings from the baptismal font, with the mirror reflecting us on the other side. Then we realized that Sis. Catherine wasn't there and it was 3:30. 
THen comes, The Henrichsens to the rescue! Catherine actually lives really far away from the church, but she makes to church faithfully. Sis. Joson stayed at the chapel, I hopped in the truck, and we drove out to Catherine's house. Sis. Henrichsen came in with me. We navigated the rooster houses and the puddles. First, her father in law- who is supposed to be baptizing her- came out and said, Sister Tueller, it's raining.

Yes, Tay Senda, I understand that. I'm soaking wet.

Well, I guess she could still get baptized in the rain...

Yes. That would be best.

Okay, well, I can't come because it's raining. So you can just baptize her.

(Sis. Henrichsen didn't understand any of that exchange, but she started laughing at this point.)

You know, I actually can't. But we can find some one else.

Catherine came out at this point, and changed faster than I thought was possible. She looked great. She and her sister in law ran out with us to the car. That car ride was so beautiful to me. Catherine and her very pure desires with her young less active sister in law who wanted to see and then the Henrichsens in their shiny silver van and then a Sis. Tueller who was just really happy. 

I got a chance to share my testimony right after Catherine was baptized. I read Mosiah 5:8 and I was completely struck with the simplicity of the gospel.There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh. And as I testified of my Savior, as I said Jesus Christ, it was just really real. I think I got it a little more. I bore his name a little more fully that night.

More adventures: We drove through a bunch of fiestas. We ate MacDonalds. Missionary Leadership Council was the exact inspiring words I needed. We watched President McCurdy is awe over rice fields. We got a really great referral- Bebe Rose

The title is the first phrase that I knew how to say in Bisaya. It means that we're loved by God. I learned it first because I knew it was true. And I figured if I couldn't say anything else, or when I got really lost in a lesson, I could probably just say this, and it wouldn't work out too badly. I didn't ever forget it, but I did learn to say other words, and maybe it just got crowded out. But I've made a point to use this phrase more recently, because that is what people will understand.

That is what I understood in the front chapel one night. That's what I understood again on an airplane going to college. That's what I understood again and again as I opened the scriptures and they opened to me. There's not really any reason for conversion except for love.

So if you could pray for Arnel, JhayJhay, Nali, Francis, Bebe Rose, Cheryl. They have so much potential. They are ready, but they really need to come to church. I know there is power in prayer!

I love you all so much. And I think I mean something different when I say that than I did a year ago. So that makes me happy.

Sister Josie Tueller

Monday, October 6, 2014

Love, like Faith, is a principle of Action

Dearest family,
Is everyone excited for conference? Send me what you learn and then I can look for them when we watch it tape delayed next weekend. Assignment from Sister Tueller: Ask a question, I promise there will be an answer!

I'm so glad to hear that every thing went well, that life goes on happily in Laie. Walk by the temple for me and let it bring joy and peace!

We had a PEC this week and I got to translate for the couple missionaries. I really loved something that Sis. Henrichsen said- I think it's made sense to me more as a missionary who spends half of my time with Less actives. "The temple is the point of this meeting, or anything we do in this church." Isn't that great?

Nali and Francis are doing so great (they didn't come to church.... but they wanted to!) We had a family home evening with their neighbors the  Conde family. Everyone was so simply happy. Our dinner of rice and dried fish felt like heaven to me. 

 More experiences:
There was a woman who only wanted to debate with us, she’d lived in America for many years and felt that she knew the Bible completely. She wouldn’t allow us to even open the Book of Mormon- we were in this small Filipino store, just a closet really and I felt the most challenged I had in my mission. She called herself a Master of Divinity. And I left sort of frustrated with the world. Our next appointment was with Sis. Michelle, the wife of our less active who doesn’t understand more than 7 minutes of talking. But she loves the gospel. She wants to know. She knows it is good. Another woman, Emma, we just talked to on the street and she said she’d come to church. She had to ask 3 times where it was because she kept forgetting. But she came and loved it. She felt the Spirit. She yielded, she let it teach her. I pray every day that I can be half as humble as the wonderful Filipino people.

They were all so helpful when we went to look for a former investigator who supposedly lived 10 mins away from the high way. And after 15 mins, we still weren’t there. They all just said “Subayi ra!- just follow it, the path” It was a little harder than that! But after multiple cute goat encounters and lots of high grass and not too much mud, we made it, to find that he’s not there. Next time!

Catherine is doing so well. She’s been an investigator since May and she’s just itching to be baptized. She was so nervous for her interview so she studied for 3 hours. She walked out of her interview and said, “Well, that was easy.” We also had fun playing with the monkey at their house!

I know the Lord places us in exactly the right place at the right time. I’ve been feeling that very profoundly this week. People are the important things here.  We can’t be saved without charity. My kulangs (lack) can be filled. Bamboo grows because of its roots. Be ready to serve in an instant. Heavenly Father listens with love!

I love you all!
Sister Tueller

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A life of peace, joy, and purpose.

My dear family and friends,

I'm really glad that you're all mine. That's one of my favorite parts of the gospel. We can be with people forever! 
I think the summary of what I learned this week is that the gospel is joyful. I have spent so much time trying to really get people to understand the godhead and the apostasy and the reasons to keep the sabbath day holy. And I won't stop that, because it is an incredibly worthy effort. But most people do not go to church because they understand the apostasy. If they did, I'd worry about them. I am a member of this church, and missionary because the gospel makes me happy! The Book of Mormon provides direction. I've felt peace everytime I pray to Father in Heaven. So I'll still teach the other things, because it is in teaching that it clicks for us- we need a preacher to gain faith. But I want them to be happy!

We met a woman who'd met some rude sister missionaries in the past, or she thought they were rude. And then she let us in (in Bacong on exchanges) because we were smiling even when it was hot!

Updates on people:
Marciana isn't doing too well. We're back to step one. She's back to saying she doesn't need to be baptized because she was already baptized as a baby. We might be giving her some time.

Catherine is as determined as ever to be baptized. She and her little son sat by me in sacrament meeting and they were both so quiet and reverent during the passing. I know she gets it. We teach her sitting on top of sacks of coconut husks. 

Josing is trying hard as well. Her foot got better so she had to go sell things at the market and she's sure this church is true, but maybe it's okay if only her family goes to church, not her. But she'll be fine. 

New people: So many again!

One of my favorites is Sis. JingJing. We met her husband and he told us to come on Friday.. well, we forgot, and we assumed he did too- he really wasn't very interested. But it came to friday and we had no appointment and we couldn't figure out what we were doing wrong until Sis. Joson remembered Bro. Edwin. We had a really vague address and had to ask lots of drunk people and funeral people but then we found them! And  they were waiting. Sis. Jing2x talks 30 miles an hour and loves God. And somewhere in all her stories, she was almost baptized in another town when she was a kid and she went to church for 3 years. She's scared to commit to anything because she's been in so many religions and she doesn't want to back slide. But both she and Bro. Ediwn are looking for change. They had an offer for a free house the day after we found them, so she's taking that as a good sign.

Some miracles: buses were hastened by the spirit to get to boats back to Negros, someone let me help them shell peanuts while I tried to tell them about the Book of Mormon, a sister in Bacong understood the need to seek for truth, a less active told us that she's lonely, that's the only reason she doesn't come to church.

I laugh daily. The rain got really hard and then it went away, but it's drizzling now, so wemight be in for some more adventures. I'm so profoundly grateful for the calling of a missionary.

I love you.

Sister Tueller

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The vineyard

My dear family,

Rain is back on Negros. Remember all the emails about rain a year ago? It's back. And this time we're in the mud. I'm seriously considering asking about rain boots... It's an adventure. All of our less actives happen to live in the back of a field that fills with water, and so we spend fifteen minutes navigating the mud with our cell phone flashlight (don't worry, we're buying flashlights today) and inevitably sinking in the mud and laughing hysterically. I learned to do missionary work when it was rainy season, and it's my favorite. It adds the extra challenge and I believe more miracles happen in the rain. Apparently, it's a Filipino tradition too- if your big day is rainy, it means more blessings are coming. So I call it valid. That's from Venz our recent convert with the biggest testimony I've seen.

This week has been incredible. I've been studying Jacob 5, so everything seems like plants to me, and everything has been blooming this week!
We've been working so hard and finding and it still wasn't clicking. This week had its share of people who aren't quite ready, but there were so many ready people!!

Sis. Marciana is doing so well.We splashed through the mud and her granddaughters ran out to meet us with the biggest smiles. She first told us why she hadn't come to church (she was sick) and then was so excited to say that she's ready to come next week.Her light is changing. 

Sis. Catherine is also doing great- she's ready for baptism, just waiting for her husband to come home so they can get married, but maybe somethings are changing and she could be ready to get baptized soon! We'd been praying for this progress and it's coming!

We were tracting in the rain and we stopped at a house, a smaller one in the middle of a lot of bigger ones. The Nanay came out and basically pulled us inside and asked who we were looking for. "Maybe you!" She got kind of confused and then said okay. We started teaching her, and only 15 mins later, we realize that she's actually the grandma of one of our members. Jenabel is so strong- she's 15, living away from her family to go to school and she comes to church every week alone. But this week, she's not coming alone. 
Yesterday, we went to teach Nanay Josing (yes, that's her name, isn't it great? In this same day, we also met a sister Josephina and Diosie- maybe that's how I should start spelling my name?. We had to help her shell her sprout beans and so she started telling us stories about how she speaks English very well. I can't quite explain how funny this is without the Visayan context, but she was going on and on in this really deep Bisaya and then all of a sudden she says, standing up with actions and everything "I'm dressed to Kill!" I just about died laughing. 
Then Jenabel got home from school and we taught Sis. Josing. We invited her to be baptized and she just looks at us and said, "God sent you to my house, didn't he? How can I say no to that?" 

I wish I could be more like that. How can we say no to everything he wants us to do?

We have another incredible investigator- he helps with Venz's store. He has lots of questions and I feel so edified when we talk to him. He has that same pure faith that I admire so much in the Filipino people. We have some things to work out for Bro. Arnel, but I know he'll make it. 

We're working to help people understand the family's eternal role. I've been grateful 10 times over for my peaceful loving home.

My heart's feeling really full right now. I love missionary work in any phase but there is something exciting about growth for other people, not just me. Bro. Jun Caballero is making it, through all of the tears, he's getting baptized this week. I know there are so many more. Sis. Rosita bore her testimony this week and made everyone in Siaton cry. I'm so blessed to learn from them.

Pictures next week, I promise!

I love you.
Sister Tueller

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Mga pinangga ko,

How are you all? Thank you for all of your updates- I love the smallest details of your lives.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that- the details of our lives. I don’t know how to write this without saying something cliché about threads in a blanket or drops in a bucket or something but I have felt so profoundly lately that every little action is important. We all have these worlds going on in our head and then we say words and they come out in little ways and we meet other people and our worlds exist in the same space. Preach My Gospel and Elder Packer teach that in order to succeed, a missionary needs to understand how an investigator feels to be converted and how a missionary needs to feel to teach with power. So I’m trying to not be so caught up in my little thread but in seeing more. It’s kind of hard. But really interesting.

We had another crazy week- we had a mission tour and conference on Thursday and Friday with Elder Shane M. Bowen of the Seventy. It was so amazing. He gave us some really great things to improve, and taught us that we’re not as good as we think, and then he told us who we really are! We’re scattered Israel, we’re the heirs of Father Abraham, we’re covenant keepers. Here’s something he said that stuck with me: “When we know who we are, we act accordingly.” That’s so true- and so we must have the correct understanding of ourselves.

On Thursday night, we had some extra time in Cebu City and our zone leaders had challenged us to talk to 23 people during the conference, so we went out. Sis. Joson is so great at talking to everyone, and she taught me how to talk to people in the big city. We had so many incredible people that we met. A jeep driver who was passed by by missionaries before, a Baptist woman dissatisfied with her life, a woman asking questions because her husband recently died. Heavenly Father was so happy with our little sacrifice, and choice to follow- how much happier would he be if I did everything I was supposed?

Yesterday, we also had such a cool chance! Our mission is made up of 3 islands, but until this past year, only Cebu and Negros had missionaries, but now Siquijor is a full proselyting area with a new growing group. Some crazy turns of events had us heading to Siquijor rather than having the Siquijor sisters come to Siaton. So I went to the Isla del Fuego! It’s famous for witchcraft, but we just saw lots of the Holy Spirit working. Sis. Pulgado and I worked together and saw so many people prepared. We “ayo”ed at a door and a grandma yells through the window, “why are you at my house?” “we’re missionaries! We have a message for your family!” She opened the door a crack and says “In your religion, are you going to die? Because if you’re going to die, just like everyone else, I’m just going to  stay in my religion because I’ll just die anyway and I don’t want to die.”  Grumpy, but we can work with that. We told her about the resurrection and the door inched opened, and we smiled and it opened a little more. Nanay Separina actually has lots of problems with her children and husband, and she ended  up considering being baptized by the end. I was in awe at the change of heart. 

And they're happening in Siaton too! We're so excited for this next week. I know we're going to find a family who is really ready to accept this gospel. Please pray for them. We don't know them yet, but Heavenly Father is preparing them.

More events: The primary presentation in Siaton, Finding someone ready to ask questions at the very last house, lots and lots of travel, more joy in his service, more purpose in prayer. 

This week's another full one- so I'm going to do my best to use every minute! The Book of Mormon really ahs the answer to everything.

I love you all!

Sister Tueller

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Madala rag smile! (It can all be carried by a smile)

Minahal ko,

Thank you for all the updates and everything. I love hearing your stories and your voice in my head. 

I'm going to try to contain the miracles of this week here but for a quick run down: exchanges with 3 sets of sisters, Sis. Rosita's baptism, and a service project pulling weeds extreme style- like an acre of land and weeds on everything and red ants and coconuts - see attached picture! ( I apologize for the blurryness- that's what happens when you give your camera to a very excited Elder)

We started off the week with a lesson at our returning less active’s home. She just had her 3rd week at church after a year of inactivity- and she’s already preparing to go to the temple. We’d been working so hard to get Brother to join (he was the branch 2nd counselor before) and he wasn’t there, but I prayed for it anyway. And as I said Amen, he walked in. He sat down, we taught the Atonement and he committed to get Sunday off that week. Then on Sunday, Bro Agir walked into church and said- “I have Sundays off forever.” I think my face came close to breaking with a smile.

Rosita was baptized. We were really hoping all week that her family would come and she reminded them probably 10 times a day but no one showed up :( But her branch family was there! All of the youth came to support her plus probably half the branch adults. We also had a really cool miracle where our lost investigator showed up to the baptism- she's actually just busy and so we pray for Sis. JhayJhay, because after the baptism, her best friend, our Recent Convert, Sis. Venz asked, "So when's your baptism?" And she says- "I know, I know. I'm next" 

It was a perfect baptism. The water here in Siaton is interesting some days, so she was baptized in mildly spring green water, and then the font was really slippery, so she slid on the way up from her immersion- 1 and a half times immersed and completely clean. She surrendered herself to God!

And then Nanay Marciana. I don't quite even understand the whole story with her- something about her son really wanting to be taught and then going through persecution and turning to alcohol and it's a sad story. But Marciana is 80 years old and probably 4 foot 10 and she's adorable. We taught her and committed her to come to church in a 15 min lesson, more of just checking up on the family. But she came! When we followed up, she said, Well, of course I came, because God told me it's the true church. We completely thought she wasn't getting anything, but she understands everything we teach her. She explained the apostasy to me better than I've ever said it. So we committed her to be baptized. She thought about it for a second and then said "That's probably God's will isn't it? What day is that again?" Please pray for her understanding to continue, and for the rest of her family!

We saw other miracles- we found an amazingly elect Sis. Juvy, and the family of Sis. Venz (the recent convert) is progressing finally. They're still not sure, but we can change that! I love them so much, they just need the courage to get to church. We taught them and asked if they'd managed to pray if it was true. Sis. Sol- venz's mom shyly adds her experience that she prayed and felt so overwhelmed with joy and then saw two people dressed in white i her minds eye. Just come to church and then the temple!! We'll get them there. 

Yesterday, we (Sister Anderson and I- she's such a sweet new sister ) also got to learn how ready the Lord is to bless us. We had been looking for a contact and we didn’t find her- it was getting to the point that we’d decided to hurry along to the next set appointment, so we were waiting for a tricycle. One sister was walking towards us in the distance and I knew we had to talk to her. We began, and all of the transportation came by, but I knew we needed to be there with Sis. Sita. She immediately told us to come into her house and teach her the restored gospel. Okay! When we got there, the spirit wasn’t really present- her husband was drinking outside and this dog would not stop barking for 10 minutes. But we continued and we began with a prayer. I began praying and something told me- “Peace Be still”

That gave me the courage or faith or whatever it is that we pull up from inside of us to ask that the dog would not disturb. In that very second, the dog stopped barking and was silent for the next 15 minutes as we related this sacred message. I came up from my bowed head with eyes wet. After we left, with a committed and ready investigator, Sis. Anderson said- "I was scared to look back in case he started barking, but I wanted to see the angel holding his mouth." Neither of us did turn, but like Lot, I trust in God, and go forward expecting his miracles. 

So, I am fantastic. Life is wonderful. We're crossing the ocean again tomorrow. 

God is real. He loves his children. Ask and you shall recieve. He's waiting for us!

I love you all! 

Sister Tueller

Friday, August 15, 2014

He knows you!

Kumusta man mo??

Family, I love thinking of you back in school. Mom, I'm sure those 3rd graders are loving all of your activities. 

Quick update on San Carlos: Bro Jun got a priesthood blessing and hasn't had a cigarette since!! Plus, the baptisms we had planned are going through and everything is just coming together in that place. I'm so grateful to have had a chance to serve there!

Siaton is a fantastic place.

I got to work with the newest American missionary here yesterday- there is something really special about seeing the world with new eyes. And Sis. Smith is a very prepared sister. 

I know the Lord gives us experiences to teach us. I was really excited yesterday because we had splits which always yield lots of miracles because Heavenly Father is really willing to show missionaries the blessings that come when we work hard. So Sister Smith and I set out to the bukid and we taught a great first lesson and then the rest of the day just went weird- people losing interest in the middle of a lesson, no one really in their houses or out and about, a woman who wouldn't pray no matter what because she was shy and embarrassed.

We did really enjoy hiking up the mountain- I'm counting it as one of the biggest miracles of this week that I made it down the 75 degree slant alive! We met this sister while teaching a less active. The member really wanted us to go visit her friend, so she promised to come and we promised to go. It turned out to be really , really far away, like over the 5 rivers and through the bamboo forest and then at the top of a cliff and Sis. Smith and I could not stop laughing. My life is really funny sometime. Sis. Elizabeth was actually really good- like if she decides to come down from the bukid to church, she'd be the best RS president ever. 

Anyway, after the day, I was sort of disappointed because I wasn't quite seeing why we had to do all these things, and we were giving advice to Sis. Smith about just trying, and not being shy or embarrased about her language. And she just smiled and said- yeah, like that sister who wouldn't pray. In the whole lesson while she hadn't really understood, Sis. Smith had been listening to the spirit and learning- This is more important than being shy and embarrassed. And so she talked! And then she said she learned to be cheerful when it's hard.

Heavenly Father knows us. and he'll give us exactly what we need- just look for his reason!

On Sunday, we taught our PMG class and then headed out to the far Maloh. We got there to this home and the old LA nanay tells us. Sit down. I will give you the coconuts that I prepared for you because I knew you were coming because I prayed and I didn't really think you'd come but I made the coconuts anyway. 

Sis. Escalante is funny- but I'm so glad we went, and that she had the faith to prepare the coconuts.

Sis. Rosita is just a fiesty lady. Someone was complaining about how repentance is hard in  in relief society class and she just starts muttering. " No it's not! Just decided to repent and then give up yourself!" She can't wait for her baptism. I can't either. 

I love Siaton. I love Sis. Joson. We're turning vegetarian because there's no meat in this town. That' s fine. A man gave us a bunch of avocados so we eat a lot of avocado. 

I prayed and the veil was really thin. God is real and I say that without a shadow of a doubt.

I love you all so much. Thanks for your examples to me!

Sister Tueller

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sha Ton


1) I love you. Don't forget.
2) Siaton feels like I've been for a month already in the best way that I can say that.
3) MLC was wonderful, but it means that my email is going to be flown out and scattered.

Leaving San Carlos continued to be difficult, but I started to feel the peace that I'm used to.We had an FHE with the Sandoval family, and Brother invited Branch members. He taught the lesson about the Atonement and how it feels to repent. The branch came to support and in this wooden home- I was sunk into an old couch- I could just see how much San Carlos is going to progress. Bro. Sandoval had Sis. Tandiman and I share a scripture- hisknowledge has truly been taken. But he bore the most powerful testimony and he will make it back this year.

We then proceeded to have meetings every day of this week. I've only slept in Siaton 3 days this last week- that's the life! But good things are still happening.

Siaton (see pronunciation in the title) is a nice and small town- just Sister Tueller size. We've already slipped through the mud and gotten eaten by mosquitos trying to teach the less active Agir family so the bukid life is back! The tricycles here have 10 seats! And then we fit 15 people on one last time we were going to the far part of Siaton.I don't understand the physics- the Filipino people just make it happen.

Sis. Rosita is going to be baptized next next week. She's one of the most elect people I taught. We gave her a pamphlet of the plan of salvation- she looks at the LDS version of the Savior and just starts weeping saying- It's him!. She's a 50 year old nanay who is going through so much persecution in changing from Catholic but she's incredibly strong.

I've been thinking about what miracles happened this week, and I reflected on how it's harder to recognize the miracles when you're new in an area. I can't quite yet see the change- his heart was softened, because I don't know how he was before. Ofcourse, they are there daily- but I also thought about how often we do that. We don't understand all the things that Father is doing behind the scenes, for the past two transfers, or 20 years to make miracles come up from the bottom of the pond and just float to the surface. If we just take a second and think a little under that surface layer- I know we'll see that he was there from the beginning.

We were driving to MLC in the van of the zone leaders and I had a really long time sitting in traffic in Cebu city. People kept walking by and I started to see them. I wasn't caught up in anything that I was doing and I could try to get into their heads- and all of a sudden it switched to how Heavenly Father was seeing them. I can't really describe that. Like a pain in my sternum and having to blink lots of times and feeling so sad. Our brothers and sisters need this gospel. And they're just walking all around us.

We ate hot fudge sundaes. I got to see most of my old companions. I crossed this ocean 4 times this week. I have so much laundry to do in my bucket with my hands on Saturday morning. I love being a missionary!

God bless and more power,
Sister Tueller

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My dear people,

Time flies. This week had some crazy hectic moments, but it was so sublime.
This email is going to be a little bitter sweet because it's my last from San Carlos. Transfers snuck up on me and I'm leaving San Carlos, going to Siaton! Right next to Bayawan, so I'm excited to be going back to my birthplace. It's bukid and in the middle of nowhere, as usual- I have missed my caribou friends and the lush rice field views, so expect new scenic pictures. I really can't wait. I've always felt such a special spirit about Siaton- I've imagined myself serving there many times, and now I'll be there. I'll be there with Sis. Joson and I am excited.

Also, I'm going to be a grandma! Sis. Harris is training, so I have an apo (grandchild)

But leaving gets harder and harder. President Dellomes told us that none of us missionaries were allowed to transfer in the sweetest PEC meeting that I've ever been in.

About President- He's an incredible man. An elect of God who searched for truth in every church he could find, until he met some sister missionaries 3 years ago, brought them home, and introduced them to his wife, who said, "Oh, yeah, by the way, I'm Mormon." She came back, he was baptized, they were sealed the next year, and now he's boldly leading San Carlos Branch 2. I'm always grateful for the priesthood examples I see on my mission. This past month, I've really felt like our branch and leaders needed to learn sacrifice. And it wasn't really something I could teach, so I just prayed for it, and tried to be a really good example of sacrificing myself. Then on Sunday, we had a fireside and watched the Restoration film. Half way through the movie, President who's sitting right behind us and our less active YSAs, leans forwards and says, "Their sacrifices were so great!" I just had to smile and thank Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. San Carlos is doing so well.
Pres. McCurdy visited our branch! And they managed to get people there on time sort of, and the sacrament was ready, and no one walked around during the sacrament, and Bro. Buen blessed it! So many steps and halos miracles tanan! (It's all a miracle)
He and most of the missionaries in the zone also came to baptism for Eugene. It was great. We ended up with an impromptu musical number, and lots of pictures. It was really sweet. He's a member! And on Sunday, he showed up with a white shirt from a member and prayed in our class for about 10 minutes with gratitude. He's such a funny teenager, with a really sweet sincere desire.

Nanay Remedios is so great. We found her by following up with a contact of her brother who seemed sort of strange but we felt to go back. At first, we thought she was kind of slow, but I'm pretty sure she understands the gospel better than we do. We taught her the Word of Wisdom yesterday and she told us that she drank coffee in the morning, and she doesn't like hot chocolate because it's too sweet but if God says so, then we just have to do it and we have to like Hot Chocolate. She's getting ready for her baptism- She's this 67 year old teddy bear lady, but she knows she's found truth.
So many people, so little time!
The Caballero family was really hard to say goodbye to. Bro. Jun is struggling again with cigarettes and I wish I could be here for when he finally makes it. I had to tell them that I was transferring and Lyn Lyn runs and grabs sunglasses and refuses to talk to me without them- and then her mom started crying too and even the tough boys were affected. One big waterworks over there. Not good. Goodbyes to people that we love are hard. But we can trust in the promises.
San Carlos has expanded my heart and taught me to love. I have so much to work on, and I'm weak everyday, but I love these people!
Plus I love you all! News from Siaton next week- it's another really busy one!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"It doesn't change God. It changes me. -C.S Lewis

Aloha world!

Sis. Tandiman and I enjoy our Hawaii connection, so I've been loving some ALOHA! I love her lots. I promised her dinner at 5-C so I hope you're all excited! She is the kindest ever, and I love our work. My thoughts just naturally flow and come out in Bisaya, English something mixture and it's just grand. We've had a couple of moments this week where we just both look at each other and automatically start walking in the same direction, whether it's to buy some mango flavored caribou milk (highly recommended!) or to find our investigators wherever they may be. 

This week has been full and I'm so grateful! 

Fun events:
On Wednesday, we went and saw monkeys in the world famous Calatrava monkey sanctuary, with the "World's friendliest monkeys!!" I forgot my camera cord now but I promise wonderful pictures next week of Sis. Tueller with a monkey on my lap and shoulder. Elder and Sister Anderson wisely brought peanuts and Elder Anderson was encouraging enough to get me to take the dive. I wasn't quite ready to get the really big ones on me, especially when the big angry armed one tried to steal the entire bag of candy out of the truck. Anyway, life was fun.

On Thursday, we also had an eventful day with a service project- a CSP in the next area over, Calatrava. Basically, we built a foundation for a house by hauling rocks from the riverbed up the ridge to the house. I spent most of my time in the river filling sacks with rocks. We found a crab. I got really muddy. Then I ate salted fish with bananas and drank buko juice (coconut water straight out of the coconut, freshly cut.) I think I'll just leave it there. 

Plus, we can't forget the Baptism!!
It finally happened this week. no more sickness, and Bro. Buen is a clean, free member of the church, with the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Aaronic Priesthood (!). Our members came and supported and I couldn't have been more grateful. We watched him go down into the font (without lights.. we were having a brown out, so we were all sweating in the dark) he got baptized in 3 seconds and there it is! While they changed, we sang hymns- Sis. Tandiman conducted and I sat with LynLyn Caballero. We started singing and she starts crying and immediately I knew what she was thinking- she could see her dad in that same font. I could too. The work isn't done- so much more to do! We sang Nearer  My God to thee- and I was really struck by "Angels to beckon me." I was blessed with so many angels to beckon me- my angel parents, and leaders, and then companions, and investigators, and somehow, Heavenly Father lets me be someone who invites others to go Nearer to their God. 
Bro. Buen got up and simply said, "I feel that God is with me. All my worries are gone. I am grateful." probably in a few more words, but I love the simplicity of the gospel. 

More splits: Sis. Garner and I were working and we passed a house I'd seen before, and there was this light about it. It's in the middle of a dark field and has electricity, so I almost wanted to logically discount that and say, Duh, there's light! But this wasn't something I was seeing, just feeling. So we went to the house, we called out, a wonderful nanay answers the door and needs us. She has lupus and wants to know God. I'm grateful for a Father who knows what I need to learn and where I struggle and teaches me daily.

Let's see, lots more- Eugene is doing so well- we'll have his baptism on Saturday.  Ronico is more converted than ever if that's possible, and he's going to help our lost investigator. Nanay Remedios came to church this week, and I think she got an answer that it's true. She does pray every time we visit for the missionaries from the true church!

Like Bro. Buen, I feel that God is with me this week too. Sometimes, I get so worried about my weaknesses and he just cradles me and tells me that it's going to be okay. And then it is. I'm far from perfect, but I'm trying and that's enough for Him.

I love you all very much! Seek more commandments, obey with all our heart!

Sister Tueller

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


First, I love you all! I thought of you on Saturday and gathering together in Kahuku chapel and it just made my heart feel light. I was definitely there in spirit. And there we have it! We're members of the Church of Jesus Christ! Send my regards also to our ward family. I was thinking this week about how grateful I am for the ward family who helped to raise me- we have marvelous examples of self less service.

Next, I got letters with the news about Bonnie. The whole family is constantly in my prayers. I had to stop a couple of times this week and ask Father, "Why do hard things happen?" and then I basically just heard words that I say daily to everyone. The gospel is true and I'm so grateful. Because it's true and it's hard, and so I can pray for the people I love.

Miracles abound in this wonderful part of the vineyard. 

I don't think I've told you about Eugene. I should! He's an investigator from quite a while ago, and then he disappeared to who knows where and then we were at Sis. Sally's house one day and he walked by and called us and said, Come teach me again. He's one of the most mature 17 year olds I think I've ever met. He has 12 brothers and sisters so he's kind of figured out his own life, and I think he wasn't on a great path before but he's fantastic now. He's actually been coming to church for the past months and this week we finally worked out things for him to be baptized even though he's under age and so we're having a baptism next week! We actually got to teach his older sister as well in their home. First, you walk to the pier, but then you turn and walk along the sea wall with a view that reminds of waimea beach mixed with the light and clouds of the Kahuku Bike path, the kind that makes you hold your breath just a little longer and then let it all out in a sigh of gratitude. And then you walk past piles of dirt and sand and into the squatters area of little bamboo houses and the first house is Eugene's. We taught there on the floor and I remembered that this is now my normal life, but that you all don't see it daily. I wish you were all there- we wouldn't have fit, but it was so amazing. His older sister basically told us how much Eugene has changed and how he reads the Book of Mormon everyday and teaches his nieces to pray. So that's Eugene.

We sometimes also teach him and his friend Mark Christopher, with my favorite 18 year old member LynLyn in this guard house right on the beach and it's exactly what the Philippines should be. We have that view and then wind, and then we're all reading the Book of Mormon and talking about why we love Father. On Sunday, we were there, and the wind started getting really strong and the clouds gathered in and we finished up and then the clouds starting dumping rain. But we still had to run along the sea wall in the mud from the dirt piles, with one umbrella that was doing nothing because the rain was sideways. LynLyn just started running in the rain but we had to be missionaries. We got to their house and dripped for a while, we got dumped on from a whole in their roof and their family duck tried to bite my foot. So much fun. So so happy. That was the Sunday night baguio. The Elders texted to make sure we were safe- definitely safe, just really wet!

We had dinner with the Andersons. I love senior couples. They are probably the coolest people. Their conversion stories are amazing, and I'm so grateful for their love.

Ronneco passed the sacrament this week. His smile would have made prisons beam.

We taught someone who never goes to church even at the Catholic, Sister Ami. She didn't really get it, but then after laughing hysterically, we got her to pray. She started, "Heavenly Father, thanks for the missionaries.. we ask for blessings " and then it got really quiet, until we hear quiet sobbing and her quiet whisper. It's my first time to talk to him.

I can't describe how sweet that is.

We have a loving Heavenly Father. I prayed to him this week. Not that I don't other weeks, or in every single moment ever, but this week, heaven was really really close from the tile floor. He loves every single one of you, no matter what is going on in your life.

And I love you too!

Sister Tueller

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Dearest family,

Updates: Bro. Buen is not yet baptized. Very sad. Too busy to mourn over it too much, and hopefully, this week. He's still really sick, we figured out that likos likos is called shingles in America, so we have some idea. He's always compared himself to Job, and I know this is just the last bit before he finally gets the remission of sins that he's been looking for. But it's really hard to watch. He can't stay awake long enough to read/understand, and teaching him is a struggle. But he'll be restored to his God!

Bro. Jun: is no longer smoke free :( We're working on it. Progress happens daily. I've seen that so clearly in him. He's progressing and then goes back and it hurts to watch him hurt, and I get a little bit of what Heavenly Father must feel watching me when I mess up yet again. But this week, I've gotten out of a little bit of a rut- a watching from the side, loving missionary work, loving the people, but not engaging 110%, that only lasts 2 days kind of rut. And then the scriptures and the spirit and prayer just kicked me out of there and it was all wonderful.

This week was starting to sound really sad as I wrote it, but it was so happy! That's one of those weird paradoxes of my mission- trials just make me happier to be in the service of the Lord. Praying for other people is such a sublime experience. We found great new investigators, the promptings of the Spirit continue in everything, new people came to church. 

Sis. Nanet Edwards: She's probably one of the best characters I've met here- she's a 50 year old school teacher with a voice the size of a house. She stopped coming to church for 5 weeks inexplicably, and wouldn't let us visit her and then finally our branch president texted her and said- we miss her. That's it, and then that same afternoon we visited her and she's back and she loves us. Fulfill our callings!

Ronico got the priesthood, Mark Christopher came to church, more people committed for baptism, our branch president trusts us. Life is good.

I don't think I've ever told you about Shaolin. He's one of our recent converts, 17, best friends with Jayvee, practically part of the Caballero family. He's so funny, and hes progressing so well.When we got here, they wouldn't even sit down and listen or read scriptures and now he wants to go on a mission. We went by the other day and Shaolin wasn't okay at all (the poor boy is in charge of his family and his aging grandma and his mute brother and his drunk father, but he's usually smiling always). We started teaching and I felt super prompted to share a story about "where can I turn for peace?" at a BYUH basketball game. Somehow, every word was related to one of his problems at the moment. He just started crying and talked about it,and then prayed. Afterwards, he looked at us and said, "I feel light."

I've felt that this week. We had some strange lessons and I didn't quite know what was going on, or then things were hard, and then I just prayed. And I felt gaan. Light, not heavy and full of light from God.

I love being a missionary, and following Him!

Read the Book of Mormon, that's our guide here on Earth!

Love you all,
Sister Tueller