Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"It doesn't change God. It changes me. -C.S Lewis

Aloha world!

Sis. Tandiman and I enjoy our Hawaii connection, so I've been loving some ALOHA! I love her lots. I promised her dinner at 5-C so I hope you're all excited! She is the kindest ever, and I love our work. My thoughts just naturally flow and come out in Bisaya, English something mixture and it's just grand. We've had a couple of moments this week where we just both look at each other and automatically start walking in the same direction, whether it's to buy some mango flavored caribou milk (highly recommended!) or to find our investigators wherever they may be. 

This week has been full and I'm so grateful! 

Fun events:
On Wednesday, we went and saw monkeys in the world famous Calatrava monkey sanctuary, with the "World's friendliest monkeys!!" I forgot my camera cord now but I promise wonderful pictures next week of Sis. Tueller with a monkey on my lap and shoulder. Elder and Sister Anderson wisely brought peanuts and Elder Anderson was encouraging enough to get me to take the dive. I wasn't quite ready to get the really big ones on me, especially when the big angry armed one tried to steal the entire bag of candy out of the truck. Anyway, life was fun.

On Thursday, we also had an eventful day with a service project- a CSP in the next area over, Calatrava. Basically, we built a foundation for a house by hauling rocks from the riverbed up the ridge to the house. I spent most of my time in the river filling sacks with rocks. We found a crab. I got really muddy. Then I ate salted fish with bananas and drank buko juice (coconut water straight out of the coconut, freshly cut.) I think I'll just leave it there. 

Plus, we can't forget the Baptism!!
It finally happened this week. no more sickness, and Bro. Buen is a clean, free member of the church, with the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Aaronic Priesthood (!). Our members came and supported and I couldn't have been more grateful. We watched him go down into the font (without lights.. we were having a brown out, so we were all sweating in the dark) he got baptized in 3 seconds and there it is! While they changed, we sang hymns- Sis. Tandiman conducted and I sat with LynLyn Caballero. We started singing and she starts crying and immediately I knew what she was thinking- she could see her dad in that same font. I could too. The work isn't done- so much more to do! We sang Nearer  My God to thee- and I was really struck by "Angels to beckon me." I was blessed with so many angels to beckon me- my angel parents, and leaders, and then companions, and investigators, and somehow, Heavenly Father lets me be someone who invites others to go Nearer to their God. 
Bro. Buen got up and simply said, "I feel that God is with me. All my worries are gone. I am grateful." probably in a few more words, but I love the simplicity of the gospel. 

More splits: Sis. Garner and I were working and we passed a house I'd seen before, and there was this light about it. It's in the middle of a dark field and has electricity, so I almost wanted to logically discount that and say, Duh, there's light! But this wasn't something I was seeing, just feeling. So we went to the house, we called out, a wonderful nanay answers the door and needs us. She has lupus and wants to know God. I'm grateful for a Father who knows what I need to learn and where I struggle and teaches me daily.

Let's see, lots more- Eugene is doing so well- we'll have his baptism on Saturday.  Ronico is more converted than ever if that's possible, and he's going to help our lost investigator. Nanay Remedios came to church this week, and I think she got an answer that it's true. She does pray every time we visit for the missionaries from the true church!

Like Bro. Buen, I feel that God is with me this week too. Sometimes, I get so worried about my weaknesses and he just cradles me and tells me that it's going to be okay. And then it is. I'm far from perfect, but I'm trying and that's enough for Him.

I love you all very much! Seek more commandments, obey with all our heart!

Sister Tueller

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