Sunday, June 26, 2016

I'm in Cambodia

For ten days, I've been in Cambodia. I'm working as an intern for the Malaria Consortium on malaria and dengue related projects. Katie and I live in a beautiful home with a member family, next door to an apartment with the other BYU interns who are all working at different public health internships. I ride my bike to work everyday- definitely wearing a helmet. We use a combination of American money and Cambodian riel. Those are the facts as they stand, but they don't really communicate that this experience is so cool!
I'm going to take the "1000 word" approach for now, but more reflective pieces are definitely coming.
We found art on our morning walk.

It's the BYU tuktuk!

Of course, I dragged everyone to the bookstore.

Cambodia FHE

 This is my new favorite picture. In the Ministry of health. With the construction. And the giant Aedes Aegypti mosquito.
Our host family took us to give out backpacks at a village school.

 I was way too excited to be out in the provinces and living like I lived in the Philippines.


I was trying to come up with truly descriptive adjectives for these last two weeks, and I'm a little bit at a loss. English has all of these positive adjectives that all mean about the same thing. Bisaya's nice because you get one or two words and then you just use it frequently. Nindot, chada, yep.
It feels big, great, grand, special, all of the above.