Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Love and Light (I hope you're realizing a pattern here, because I know I am!)

Hello sa inyong tanan!

Here's what we're going to do:


Bro. Buen. He's getting baptized this week! Hopefully. His faith is just being tested right now. He has some strange virus called likos likos that is sort of like chicken pox and so he's not supposed to be immersed in water. That's the one forbidden thing. Grabe! (um, how do I explain this one? Awful, or expression of strong emotion?) We're praying for him and we'd love your prayers as well. He came to his baptismal interview even though he had a fever and felt awful because he told us he wanted to show his repentance to the Lord. I don't even believe the things that come out of his mouth. If it doesn't happen this week, it'll be next week, so he can be baptized with M-boy!

Bro. Jun: That sneaky man! He quit smoking without telling us and has now been smoke free for two weeks which means that we're having a baptism soon! But he needs prayers as well. The Caballeros have been having family prayer and reading scriptures by flash light together and I don't think I've ever seen so much progression as I have here. I can't wait for when they are sealed in the temple, probably right around when Jayvee and LynLyn are getting their endowments to go on their missions.

We went on splits with Sis. Hamson and Sis. Salazar ( a convert of 5 years who is probably the most prepared missionary I've seen, and she just makes me want to be more like Christ!) and we wanted to help them learn to talk to more people- to find! ( they are opening an area out in the bukid and they're going to need faith!) So Sis. Hamson and I went and taught Brother Buen and then we were walking and I needed to talk to this brother in his sikad. He wasn't super interested, but as we're leaving, a college student pulls up on his motor and asks for a Book of Mormon. He says, "I felt so happy when I saw both of you, and I think that's what I need in my life. When can I come to church?"

And then he came! He came late and I was so scared that it would only be a one day miracle but he came in the second hour and was so excited to be in God's church and happy! And Sis. Hamson learned that the elect are waiting.

Brother Sandoval! We finally managed to visit them. He's struggling with some hard questions, but he has faith. It was so rewarding to talk to someone about faith struggles- usually, I just learn from the gift to believe of Filipinos, but to be able to tell someone how to trust God despite of doubts, because I did it... that's why I'm here. As we were leaving, he says, "See you tomorrow (it was Saturday night) Sisters in our God's house"
And I know you weren't expecting this one:


The Spirit has been so good this week. We were doing our weekly planning and I'd been thinking about her during my personal study. All of a sudden, I knew we needed to call her. So, even though Sis. Luyong and I had called probably 10 times a day with no response, I called. The phone rings once, and then a voice comes "Day.." (Which is like Daughter, little girl, and you say it dye) Sis. Tandiman looks over to see my huge grin and then it got even better. It was kind of hard to talk because Sis. Sally is in the mountains of Bohol where there is rarely cellphone service. The first thing she said was "We found where the church of Jesus Christ is here, it's not too far, we're (yes, her whole family!) going on Sunday" Her whole story was true. I managed to tell her that I love her and to find the missionaries and to keep in touch before the service was lost again. I know Heavenly Father made that work for us. For Sis Sally and Sis. Luyong and I. She sent us a text- thank you for the inspiration and the light. 

Exactly like Mom told me, the Lord giveth, but he never really taketh away. We sometimes are just learning a different kind of lesson. I don't know if she managed to get to the church, but I know that God loveth his children (1 Ne 11:17)

Like I said, the Spirit has been so good. My goal for this transfer is to "live by every word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God"(D&C 84:44) by following every single prompting and growing in light. And as soon as I made that goal, the promptings were less like, "do good things and you'll be happy." but more like," Go walk on that path, Go follow up with this one specific name, you need to bear your testimony of prophets" I can't even really describe it, but I know it's true.

 We went to the temple. That's the instructions for life. I love the gospel more than I can possibly tell you. Gain light, gain love, gain glory.

Let's see: Happy 4th of July! Enjoy more summer!
Halong mo!
Sister Tueller

After our Temple Session as a part of the Missionary Leadership Council

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