Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My dear people,

Time flies. This week had some crazy hectic moments, but it was so sublime.
This email is going to be a little bitter sweet because it's my last from San Carlos. Transfers snuck up on me and I'm leaving San Carlos, going to Siaton! Right next to Bayawan, so I'm excited to be going back to my birthplace. It's bukid and in the middle of nowhere, as usual- I have missed my caribou friends and the lush rice field views, so expect new scenic pictures. I really can't wait. I've always felt such a special spirit about Siaton- I've imagined myself serving there many times, and now I'll be there. I'll be there with Sis. Joson and I am excited.

Also, I'm going to be a grandma! Sis. Harris is training, so I have an apo (grandchild)

But leaving gets harder and harder. President Dellomes told us that none of us missionaries were allowed to transfer in the sweetest PEC meeting that I've ever been in.

About President- He's an incredible man. An elect of God who searched for truth in every church he could find, until he met some sister missionaries 3 years ago, brought them home, and introduced them to his wife, who said, "Oh, yeah, by the way, I'm Mormon." She came back, he was baptized, they were sealed the next year, and now he's boldly leading San Carlos Branch 2. I'm always grateful for the priesthood examples I see on my mission. This past month, I've really felt like our branch and leaders needed to learn sacrifice. And it wasn't really something I could teach, so I just prayed for it, and tried to be a really good example of sacrificing myself. Then on Sunday, we had a fireside and watched the Restoration film. Half way through the movie, President who's sitting right behind us and our less active YSAs, leans forwards and says, "Their sacrifices were so great!" I just had to smile and thank Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. San Carlos is doing so well.
Pres. McCurdy visited our branch! And they managed to get people there on time sort of, and the sacrament was ready, and no one walked around during the sacrament, and Bro. Buen blessed it! So many steps and halos miracles tanan! (It's all a miracle)
He and most of the missionaries in the zone also came to baptism for Eugene. It was great. We ended up with an impromptu musical number, and lots of pictures. It was really sweet. He's a member! And on Sunday, he showed up with a white shirt from a member and prayed in our class for about 10 minutes with gratitude. He's such a funny teenager, with a really sweet sincere desire.

Nanay Remedios is so great. We found her by following up with a contact of her brother who seemed sort of strange but we felt to go back. At first, we thought she was kind of slow, but I'm pretty sure she understands the gospel better than we do. We taught her the Word of Wisdom yesterday and she told us that she drank coffee in the morning, and she doesn't like hot chocolate because it's too sweet but if God says so, then we just have to do it and we have to like Hot Chocolate. She's getting ready for her baptism- She's this 67 year old teddy bear lady, but she knows she's found truth.
So many people, so little time!
The Caballero family was really hard to say goodbye to. Bro. Jun is struggling again with cigarettes and I wish I could be here for when he finally makes it. I had to tell them that I was transferring and Lyn Lyn runs and grabs sunglasses and refuses to talk to me without them- and then her mom started crying too and even the tough boys were affected. One big waterworks over there. Not good. Goodbyes to people that we love are hard. But we can trust in the promises.
San Carlos has expanded my heart and taught me to love. I have so much to work on, and I'm weak everyday, but I love these people!
Plus I love you all! News from Siaton next week- it's another really busy one!

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