Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sha Ton


1) I love you. Don't forget.
2) Siaton feels like I've been for a month already in the best way that I can say that.
3) MLC was wonderful, but it means that my email is going to be flown out and scattered.

Leaving San Carlos continued to be difficult, but I started to feel the peace that I'm used to.We had an FHE with the Sandoval family, and Brother invited Branch members. He taught the lesson about the Atonement and how it feels to repent. The branch came to support and in this wooden home- I was sunk into an old couch- I could just see how much San Carlos is going to progress. Bro. Sandoval had Sis. Tandiman and I share a scripture- hisknowledge has truly been taken. But he bore the most powerful testimony and he will make it back this year.

We then proceeded to have meetings every day of this week. I've only slept in Siaton 3 days this last week- that's the life! But good things are still happening.

Siaton (see pronunciation in the title) is a nice and small town- just Sister Tueller size. We've already slipped through the mud and gotten eaten by mosquitos trying to teach the less active Agir family so the bukid life is back! The tricycles here have 10 seats! And then we fit 15 people on one last time we were going to the far part of Siaton.I don't understand the physics- the Filipino people just make it happen.

Sis. Rosita is going to be baptized next next week. She's one of the most elect people I taught. We gave her a pamphlet of the plan of salvation- she looks at the LDS version of the Savior and just starts weeping saying- It's him!. She's a 50 year old nanay who is going through so much persecution in changing from Catholic but she's incredibly strong.

I've been thinking about what miracles happened this week, and I reflected on how it's harder to recognize the miracles when you're new in an area. I can't quite yet see the change- his heart was softened, because I don't know how he was before. Ofcourse, they are there daily- but I also thought about how often we do that. We don't understand all the things that Father is doing behind the scenes, for the past two transfers, or 20 years to make miracles come up from the bottom of the pond and just float to the surface. If we just take a second and think a little under that surface layer- I know we'll see that he was there from the beginning.

We were driving to MLC in the van of the zone leaders and I had a really long time sitting in traffic in Cebu city. People kept walking by and I started to see them. I wasn't caught up in anything that I was doing and I could try to get into their heads- and all of a sudden it switched to how Heavenly Father was seeing them. I can't really describe that. Like a pain in my sternum and having to blink lots of times and feeling so sad. Our brothers and sisters need this gospel. And they're just walking all around us.

We ate hot fudge sundaes. I got to see most of my old companions. I crossed this ocean 4 times this week. I have so much laundry to do in my bucket with my hands on Saturday morning. I love being a missionary!

God bless and more power,
Sister Tueller

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