Friday, August 15, 2014

He knows you!

Kumusta man mo??

Family, I love thinking of you back in school. Mom, I'm sure those 3rd graders are loving all of your activities. 

Quick update on San Carlos: Bro Jun got a priesthood blessing and hasn't had a cigarette since!! Plus, the baptisms we had planned are going through and everything is just coming together in that place. I'm so grateful to have had a chance to serve there!

Siaton is a fantastic place.

I got to work with the newest American missionary here yesterday- there is something really special about seeing the world with new eyes. And Sis. Smith is a very prepared sister. 

I know the Lord gives us experiences to teach us. I was really excited yesterday because we had splits which always yield lots of miracles because Heavenly Father is really willing to show missionaries the blessings that come when we work hard. So Sister Smith and I set out to the bukid and we taught a great first lesson and then the rest of the day just went weird- people losing interest in the middle of a lesson, no one really in their houses or out and about, a woman who wouldn't pray no matter what because she was shy and embarrassed.

We did really enjoy hiking up the mountain- I'm counting it as one of the biggest miracles of this week that I made it down the 75 degree slant alive! We met this sister while teaching a less active. The member really wanted us to go visit her friend, so she promised to come and we promised to go. It turned out to be really , really far away, like over the 5 rivers and through the bamboo forest and then at the top of a cliff and Sis. Smith and I could not stop laughing. My life is really funny sometime. Sis. Elizabeth was actually really good- like if she decides to come down from the bukid to church, she'd be the best RS president ever. 

Anyway, after the day, I was sort of disappointed because I wasn't quite seeing why we had to do all these things, and we were giving advice to Sis. Smith about just trying, and not being shy or embarrased about her language. And she just smiled and said- yeah, like that sister who wouldn't pray. In the whole lesson while she hadn't really understood, Sis. Smith had been listening to the spirit and learning- This is more important than being shy and embarrassed. And so she talked! And then she said she learned to be cheerful when it's hard.

Heavenly Father knows us. and he'll give us exactly what we need- just look for his reason!

On Sunday, we taught our PMG class and then headed out to the far Maloh. We got there to this home and the old LA nanay tells us. Sit down. I will give you the coconuts that I prepared for you because I knew you were coming because I prayed and I didn't really think you'd come but I made the coconuts anyway. 

Sis. Escalante is funny- but I'm so glad we went, and that she had the faith to prepare the coconuts.

Sis. Rosita is just a fiesty lady. Someone was complaining about how repentance is hard in  in relief society class and she just starts muttering. " No it's not! Just decided to repent and then give up yourself!" She can't wait for her baptism. I can't either. 

I love Siaton. I love Sis. Joson. We're turning vegetarian because there's no meat in this town. That' s fine. A man gave us a bunch of avocados so we eat a lot of avocado. 

I prayed and the veil was really thin. God is real and I say that without a shadow of a doubt.

I love you all so much. Thanks for your examples to me!

Sister Tueller

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