Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3 times, 4 if you need it!

Dearest People across the ocean,

San Carlos has been holy ground this week. Not that it’s ever not, but sometimes I forget to look. We had some incredible miracles and hopefully, they come across this lovely keyboard.

Also, I’m praying for all of you in your exciting summer adventures- enjoy!

Updates on people:

Brother Jun didn’t actually quit.. He tried and then got sick and so he went back, but he has faith and he’s going to get a blessing and it’s going to work out. Thank you for the prayers, I know they’re working. One of my favorite moments of this week started last week Sunday. Jayvee, the oldest son in the Caballero family, also a newly returning less active (from his baptism until now) was assigned to give a talk in sacrament meeting. And he stressed about it and planned every night and asked me to write it for him about 50 times but finally made this beautiful talk about Obedience out of Love. He basically threatened his dad if he didn’t come to church because he was so nervous. We got to church on Sunday and JV’s not there yet, but he gets there eventually- late because he was ironing his shirt for the first time in his life (he used to come to church in red skinny jeans.) His family is following in their tricyle and JV sits on the stand and then proceeds to give a great talk through tears about how he loves his dad and that’s why he obeys him even when it’s hard, and then that’s why he wants his dad to obey our Father. So we know Brother Jun can do it.

Brother Buen continues to progress- he asked me about the temple this week and how he can get there. Just the kind of questions we like to hear!

I’ve been focusing again on God’s hand- like Elder Eyring did for years, I look daily for how I saw God’s hand in my life. I'm just going to testify that it's there every single day, probably every single hour, but sometimes I'm a little slow to catch on. Example: We were talking to some little children (they were talking to us) as we went to our appointment with Eugene, and the 13 year old boy invited us to visit their house, and thick Sister Tueller brushes this off as a joke. Next, Eugene isn't there, but we decide to go find someone else. Later, we're looking for a referral from the Elders in the same area, who supposedly lives at the house of Jennifer. We asked people on the street. and they send us to the other street. So even though we know that it's the wrong street, we follow anyway. We're walking down this alley way, and we're suddenly at a house that I know. Back story: we found a less active 3 weeks ago, tried to go back multiple times, and never found him again. 

We ask for Jennifer. And Jennifer is there. Dear Sister Jennifer was baptized at 8 years old along with her brother who we met and stopped going to church at age 11. But her children have been asking her questions about the eternities and she can't answer and really wants to know. She is coming to church this Sunday for the first time in 25 years.

Later, I was looking through my planner and we got a referral for "Jay Alfaro" who just happens to be the husband of Sister Jennifer. We cannot wait to go back to this family because God obviously really wants us there!

And that's happened daily. I can't even describe how blessed we are. We have scriptures that tell us what to do, we can pray and ask and listen and then we have the Spirit every single minute. PLus, this isn't just for missionaries, it's for all of us!!

Also, yesterday, I  taught a Muslim yesterday- like for the first time, I taught someone who didn't believe in Jesus Christ, and basically, missionaries in non christian lands are fantastic. It was incredible To not just help someone understand who Christ really is instead of a fake idea, but to tell them about him for the first time. I know that Christ lives and loves us and I don't just say it but I know it.

We had a successful PMG class for the branch and so much great is happening. Thank you for your prayers- I promise they are felt. I know you'll feel God's love as well if you just look- he'll show you over and over again!

Palangga tamo, until next week
Sister Tueller

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