Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A life of peace, joy, and purpose.

My dear family and friends,

I'm really glad that you're all mine. That's one of my favorite parts of the gospel. We can be with people forever! 
I think the summary of what I learned this week is that the gospel is joyful. I have spent so much time trying to really get people to understand the godhead and the apostasy and the reasons to keep the sabbath day holy. And I won't stop that, because it is an incredibly worthy effort. But most people do not go to church because they understand the apostasy. If they did, I'd worry about them. I am a member of this church, and missionary because the gospel makes me happy! The Book of Mormon provides direction. I've felt peace everytime I pray to Father in Heaven. So I'll still teach the other things, because it is in teaching that it clicks for us- we need a preacher to gain faith. But I want them to be happy!

We met a woman who'd met some rude sister missionaries in the past, or she thought they were rude. And then she let us in (in Bacong on exchanges) because we were smiling even when it was hot!

Updates on people:
Marciana isn't doing too well. We're back to step one. She's back to saying she doesn't need to be baptized because she was already baptized as a baby. We might be giving her some time.

Catherine is as determined as ever to be baptized. She and her little son sat by me in sacrament meeting and they were both so quiet and reverent during the passing. I know she gets it. We teach her sitting on top of sacks of coconut husks. 

Josing is trying hard as well. Her foot got better so she had to go sell things at the market and she's sure this church is true, but maybe it's okay if only her family goes to church, not her. But she'll be fine. 

New people: So many again!

One of my favorites is Sis. JingJing. We met her husband and he told us to come on Friday.. well, we forgot, and we assumed he did too- he really wasn't very interested. But it came to friday and we had no appointment and we couldn't figure out what we were doing wrong until Sis. Joson remembered Bro. Edwin. We had a really vague address and had to ask lots of drunk people and funeral people but then we found them! And  they were waiting. Sis. Jing2x talks 30 miles an hour and loves God. And somewhere in all her stories, she was almost baptized in another town when she was a kid and she went to church for 3 years. She's scared to commit to anything because she's been in so many religions and she doesn't want to back slide. But both she and Bro. Ediwn are looking for change. They had an offer for a free house the day after we found them, so she's taking that as a good sign.

Some miracles: buses were hastened by the spirit to get to boats back to Negros, someone let me help them shell peanuts while I tried to tell them about the Book of Mormon, a sister in Bacong understood the need to seek for truth, a less active told us that she's lonely, that's the only reason she doesn't come to church.

I laugh daily. The rain got really hard and then it went away, but it's drizzling now, so wemight be in for some more adventures. I'm so profoundly grateful for the calling of a missionary.

I love you.

Sister Tueller

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