Monday, October 6, 2014

Love, like Faith, is a principle of Action

Dearest family,
Is everyone excited for conference? Send me what you learn and then I can look for them when we watch it tape delayed next weekend. Assignment from Sister Tueller: Ask a question, I promise there will be an answer!

I'm so glad to hear that every thing went well, that life goes on happily in Laie. Walk by the temple for me and let it bring joy and peace!

We had a PEC this week and I got to translate for the couple missionaries. I really loved something that Sis. Henrichsen said- I think it's made sense to me more as a missionary who spends half of my time with Less actives. "The temple is the point of this meeting, or anything we do in this church." Isn't that great?

Nali and Francis are doing so great (they didn't come to church.... but they wanted to!) We had a family home evening with their neighbors the  Conde family. Everyone was so simply happy. Our dinner of rice and dried fish felt like heaven to me. 

 More experiences:
There was a woman who only wanted to debate with us, she’d lived in America for many years and felt that she knew the Bible completely. She wouldn’t allow us to even open the Book of Mormon- we were in this small Filipino store, just a closet really and I felt the most challenged I had in my mission. She called herself a Master of Divinity. And I left sort of frustrated with the world. Our next appointment was with Sis. Michelle, the wife of our less active who doesn’t understand more than 7 minutes of talking. But she loves the gospel. She wants to know. She knows it is good. Another woman, Emma, we just talked to on the street and she said she’d come to church. She had to ask 3 times where it was because she kept forgetting. But she came and loved it. She felt the Spirit. She yielded, she let it teach her. I pray every day that I can be half as humble as the wonderful Filipino people.

They were all so helpful when we went to look for a former investigator who supposedly lived 10 mins away from the high way. And after 15 mins, we still weren’t there. They all just said “Subayi ra!- just follow it, the path” It was a little harder than that! But after multiple cute goat encounters and lots of high grass and not too much mud, we made it, to find that he’s not there. Next time!

Catherine is doing so well. She’s been an investigator since May and she’s just itching to be baptized. She was so nervous for her interview so she studied for 3 hours. She walked out of her interview and said, “Well, that was easy.” We also had fun playing with the monkey at their house!

I know the Lord places us in exactly the right place at the right time. I’ve been feeling that very profoundly this week. People are the important things here.  We can’t be saved without charity. My kulangs (lack) can be filled. Bamboo grows because of its roots. Be ready to serve in an instant. Heavenly Father listens with love!

I love you all!
Sister Tueller

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