Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Siaton Round 3

Mahanturong family,
How was FHE this week? I love the news from Laie and every otherpart of the world. (Just bear with the technical difficulties- the space bar doesn't always work..)
I'm feeling so happy right now. Siaton is this special place. The rice fields and the NORSU college, and the putputs and the videoke. We have this gorgeous area called Maloh and the beach there is rocks not sand and then the fishermen go out there and we stand and wait for a tricycle as the sun is setting- it's literally pink and red. I can't even describe it. Pictures don't do it. But I'm lucky and blessed.This is something coming from the girl from Hawaii. I just love the Philippines, and mostly the Filipino people.
We had transfer calls! Sis. Joson is sadly leaving me. She's one of my best friends.
(I'm sorry my time is short..)

We found some new areas!

Updates on old people- no news yet on Cheryl! But the former investigator family is doing so well. Her uncle hasn’t had any alcohol in 3 weeks- first because he didn’t have any money and then he justdecided that it would be better that way. So he’s there withhisadorable children all day every day. And then Bro. Santos cameto church.He just happens to be really good friends with Bro. Agir, our returned less active.  That works well. Bro. Agir went all the way out to the gate to fetch Bro. Santos and his adorable children.

Maybe a picture’s worth a thousandwords..

I am so happy. 

Our Branch FHE had a low attendance but those who came were strengthened! The success was that it happened!

We also had a baptism for the Elder’s investigator Sister Mercy. She’s church hymn belting mini skirt wearing Christian woman who loves the Mormons. These are the 3 ladies I sit by at church while Sis. Joson playsthepiano.

Sis. Jing Jing came to church. And she talked the whole time. And now she wants to join the church activities.  She’s scared to be baptized because last time she switched religions, and the time before, she had a family member die. But I can see how she’sbeen prepared by God.

I’m trying to read the whole book of mormon(not in my personal study, because I have questions for Siaton) before I go home, so that’s my free moments rightnow. In my personal study, I’m learning a little bit about how to do this grand work. I love to gather Israel and that happens for ever! We’re building towers, adding peace, praying in faith, enlarging the memories, and learning how to love more. I smile every minute.

I loveyou all. This really is thework of salvation.
Keep doing the best things! That's what we can take with us!
Sister Josie Tueller

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