Friday, May 30, 2014

The Pure in Heart See God

Beloved people,

This week has been crazy and so so good. We had splits twice and meetings and I don't know where time goes. And the next week won't be much different, we have more splits and the weekend and then MLC again, so no rest, lots of work, more miracles to come!

I did a really bad job of taking pictures with the people we worked with this week- but Sis. Mandid and Sis. Wilcox and Sis. Bareng and Sis. Masau all get their own place in my heart. One of the greatest miracles of my mission has been the love I've gained for the people around me. We do have to choose to love- it means being willing to risk yourself, but then Heavenly Father will bless us. Old Josie was scared to love- I don't quite know why, but love is how we do the Lord's will.

There are so many people to tell you about. We are teaching the most elect people that I've ever met on my mission.

On Saturday, we had a service project and Sis. Luyong just got to work. There was a bunch of bamboo and nails, and we managed to make two parts of the fence while the Elders worked for their one, plus the posts. The branch had to supervise me, but I got pretty good at hammering! You can all be proud of me. Our fence was made so that the goats don't run away when this less active family goes to church. And then on Sunday they all came to church together. And I'm really very happy about my carpentry skills. We had another service project on Monday and I got to hammer some more- we made a door for a house and then ended up doing their laundry for them. It was the strangest situation- we were all hammering- probably 6 missionaries on this plank of wood between two houses, with videoke going on, and lots of drunk grandpas passing through and little children coming and offering their family's hammer because we'd gone through the whole little barrio asking if any one had a hammer we could use. I don't quite know how to do these situations justice, but I laugh a lot.

Sunday was incredible. So many people came to church! I shouldn't be so happy that some people walked in a door- but it's the door to the true church and true happiness!

Bro. Ben Buhat from last week recognized his answer yesterday. He loved church and said it's different than any other church he's ever tried. He's finished with 1 Nephi and wrote a huge list of questions on the back of his grocery receipt and proceeded to ask all of them- what's a gentile? why is the first last and the last first? Why is it called a Liahona? It was so fun to answer questions, and then when he said he doesn't feel confused when he reads the book, but peace of mind, he paused and then smiled really big. That's it? That's it! June 21 right?. That's his baptismal date, and he's going to be ready.

Sis. Sally is my favorite person this week. She reads the Book of Mormon every day and when our gospel principles teacher asked us to share our blessings, she volunteered first. She stands up and says, "I'm so grateful for salvation through the Book of Mormon, and for Sis. Tueller and Sis. Luyong." June 21 is going to be the best day ever. She got her answer when reading the beatitudes- she wasn't sure if Joseph Smith could really see God, but then this scripture came. And so every doubt will peel off and the truth comes.

Time is up and I haven't even shown you how much I love Sally. She quit smoking for good on Monday night and made us all cry with her sincere repentance. Please pray for her in that, but otherwise, she really only needs baptism!

I can't believe the Lord trusted us enough to teach her, and yet I can- I am grateful and I live with that gratitude in my heart.

I love you all- more stories next week! Keep loving, purify ourselves, pray more sincerely. That's what I'm working on.

Sister Tueller

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