Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nakamata jud ko nga "bitaw no?"

People of my heart,
I love you dearly. I love the comfort that I can pray for you and know that you're all happy and doing well. So keep going! Is Laie different after being world travelers? What's the same? Are you back to normal life by now?
I don't even really know where to start this week. In San Carlos, we work really hard and we have lots of miracles. This is incredible. I honestly come home at night exhausted but invigorated- it's sort of a hard emotion to describe but that's it. Having faith to move mountains, or to talk to the next person, or extend a commitment by the spirit takes real energy, and we do it. Sis. Luyong looked at me last night and said, "If we're not tired, then we need to repent. Good thing we are!" So true.
Sis. Luyong. She's the best. I love teaching with her- she looks people in the eye and tells them the truth and then they nod. When we talk to people on the street, they all stop talking and just listen because she's so powerful and kind. And she has faith to the moon and back.  Her new hobby is learning obscure English phrases and using them whenever she can- like I'm happier than a fox in a chicken coop! or Let's blow this popsicle stand! Any suggestions would be appreciated to add to our repertoire. Here she is in a picture with President!
Also, I've been feeling the weight of responsibility. Not in a bad way like it's too hard, just in the way that Elder Bednar talked about "the load" Somehow, the Lord has trusted 19 year old (almost 20!) Sister Tueller with the teaching of so many of his precious children, plus strengthening the church and then other sisters and their areas.. But it's made me a better missionary this week because like Nephi, "I know in whom I have trusted!" The Lord's also trusting us more- we have much more complicated situations than I ever thought I'd deal with when I started my mission, but kaya nako gihapon! we can do it!
Yesterday, I did my first set of exhanges with Sis. Loquias from Mindanao and Sis. Chong Gum from the Marshall island (Mom, her aunt is Julita who was our neighbor. Small world, or just the love of God!) Sis. Loquias and I got to work in our area and we had a great time. Lots of our appointments fell through but we found the people who were ready any way. Like Ben Buhat! Yesterday was our 3rd lesson with him in the past week. He was a contact who seemed to have no potential but I started talking to him again and then he invites us to sit down and teach him. He's a 60 year old retired teacher who's searched for truth since 2003. He met with the missionaries once in 1976 and didn't say a word to them, a friend just forced him to do it. But when we started sharing about Joseph Smith, he tells us the whole story- he's remembered this since then. And then he himself told us that if he remembered it for so many years, it has to be true. He's coming to church this Sunday and we're working on committing him for a specific date for his baptism, but the Lord is good! Sis. Loquias did a great job teaching him, and I really enjoyed the whole experience.
Sally and Lisa! They've read almost all of 1st nephi this week and we just barely gave them the book, but they didn't have the courage to come to church because both were recent converts to other churches. I promise more updates when I know what's actually going on with them- hopefullly tonight. But Sally had a dream and knows its true, so they need to do it!

My favorite part was probably at the end when we got to talk about what they'd learned and questions etc. The title is from Sis. Loquias which basically means, when you all said things, I really woke up to the absolute truth of things on a higher level. I'm so lucky to get to do that- the Spirit is the best thing in the whole universe. And we got to hear their sweet testimonies- I love being a missionary!
Ronico managed to come to church again, and we talked to his father who said that actually, maybe it's okay if he goes to church. I don't think I've ever prayed harder than in the moment- thanks for combining yours with ours!
Our Zone motto is now Walk on Water- and I honestly have been feeling the Lord help us. My favorite part of Luke's wonderful account of Peter walking on water used to be that even Peter doubted and the Lord pulls him up and helps him. But here's my new favorite- Peter walked on water!! We focus on the fact that he faltered but he did it! The Lord called him and he walked on water- the mere mortal Peter did it and we can too. And then when it's a little too much for us alone, he walks with us.

I love the promises of eternity to us- And it all depends on here. Wear out our lives in bringing the hidden things to light (D&C 123: 13) that's all he asks and then he does the rest. Keep being the beacons of light to others!

Love gani,
Sister Tueller

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