Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Drink of His Cup

Mga gihigugma nako,

Family: How is Laie? Mao ra gihapon- same as always?

First news: Transfer calls came and went and I've been called! I have to leave this Balamban part of my heart, but I'm going on to different things. I'm going to San Carlos City which used to be part of Bacolod mission but has recently been made part of Cebu mission. Plus, I'm now going to be a Sister Training Leader which basically means I go on splits with other sisters and help them become better and help other people more. At least, I think so. Not quite sure how to do this, but I'm sure the Lord will help me out. My companion is also an STL- Sis. Luyong is one of my favorite sisters and  I can't wait to be companions with her. She was also trained by Sis. Yanga in Bayawan, so the common experiences have made us really good friends already.

Family dearest, it’s been an incredible last week in Balamban, but I spent most of my time writing to President Schmutz and so this is not going to work out very well.
So one story, because the other even better one should have another part tonight- that’s the followup of Lolita and her husband Felipe. Thank you so much for your prayers for them!
But this is Chingbee, who is Lolita’s sister in law. She’s also a long lost member. We stopped by Lolita’s to invite her to the baptism of the Elders investigator – another story that I promise to tell you next year! And Chingbee was there, and with a reluctant grimace agreed to come with us. We made quite the parade walking to the chapel, but it was great. When we got to thechapel, some members took our guests under their wings and fed them cassava and pancit, and fellowshipped. Chingbee sat in the corner and sulked and I couldn't figure it out. But I looked over, she looks at me pleading, and then starts crying. Ching Bee went through a lot- two husbands dying, 4 children to take care of, abuse and so much more. But she came to his house. She's actually leaving again today, but we got to talk to her, and I felt a little bit of that saviors on Mount Zion idea. We just have to help each other

I've spent this week thinking a lot about water- we've had an incredibly hot and sticky week, so I have to be conscious of not getting dehydrated. But I was reading in 2 Nephi about God taking away the cup of wrath. How true is that! Sometimes, we sit drinking this cup of sin and doubt and fear, thinking that it's going to fill us, and we can't really stop ourselves. Until he comes and offers a new cup- his living water, or a new covenant in remembrance of his suffering that we at least can remember every week. The sacrament is life changing if we allow it to be. We do it every week, but it is not common place. This is salvation every week, every day in prayer and preparation. 


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