Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ikaduha lang ko sa imo

Dear you!

It's been a great week. My companion was sick for a few days which doesn't make it great, but I did have lots of time to study and pray. In ways that I can't really explain, the project of my soul is continuing. Heavenly Father is helping me to remember who I am, and those things that he assigned me to do. Spend an extra minute in prayer- those moments are worth so much.

In other news, I have a new companion- a new anak (trainee) actually. Sis. C is 24, from Davao and she seems wonderful. We're excited for this next transfer, and I hope I can be a good trainer for her. I promise more details next week, but we've been together for a matter of hours.

But we have some good stories from the past week. First, we got to work with a wonderful 60 year old woman, Sister Capuyan. From the moment we left her house, she was inviting people to hear from "the servants of Jesus Christ." That's how missionary work ought to be! We taught a lesson to one of those people that she invited- she'd basically forced a place on the bench and just began sharing. When the other sister wasn't interested, or tried to dominate conversation, she'd testify and then turn time to us- "You will listen to them, because they are sent from God." And when we left without a return appointment, she simply sang to herself and said that God loves her too, but he loves us more. She's a sparky one.

We also had a lesson with the Sugabo family who have all sorts of struggles, but we will be helping them complete their family by baptizing 3 of the children. As missionaries, we don't have the solution to their transportation, or the flooding, or hardness of life, but Nanay Capuyan, and the Relief Society did- along with the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Sis. LitLit Sugabo and I both learned again that we are never alone and that we don't need to fear. There were definitely tears. Dear 10 year old Maricris also cried on Sunday when she couldn't go to church- she wanted to walk the 6 kilometers on the highway alone. I'm so excited for her and her growth.

Plus, a really funny story. Brother Huling came up to us- he's Perla's neighbor. He said, I've finished the Book of Mormon. We didn't believe him, but it turns out he has- and it's good according to him. However, the problem is that he's almost deaf. So we stood and yelled and tried to invite him to be baptized in this little hut- across the river also. But he's maybe 70 years old plus. It's going to be an adventure!

TImes up, more next week!

Love you all,
Sister Tueller

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