Wednesday, March 19, 2014

But we have fog!

Dear family- that's all of you,

first, I love you all immensely. And I pray for you frequently.

We had a great chance this week to go to Cebu 2 times- for a sisters' conference, and for Zone conference. Both times I felt so edified and full of the word. It's kind of a weird sort of gathering of all these missionaries, but it's the most important thing going on on Cebu.  Usually President teaches us the doctrine and helps us be changed, but this time he talked to us about Hastening the Work. We've had a hard time getting members help in our mission, and so we have some new implementations to make it work. I really felt the weight of this time. Family, friends, if the work isn't hastening where you are, we have to be the ones to do it. It's not an easy or natural thing for us to do- it means taking the extra step. I was really struck with the need to make the connection. I used to serve all the time- to look for an opportunity to pick up someone's fallen books, or carry someone's groceries inside, or help with homework, but I didn't know how to make the connection. As a missionary, that's my job- connect that to the gospel. But that's what the Lord is asking of each and every member of his church. So let's do it!

We also got to go to a wedding for two members. Aren't Filipinos the best?

I also want to just share with you all what the gospel of Jesus Christ can do- I get to be in the same zone with my anak Sister H and she's just doing so well- her progress here!
Monday I had a flashback to my first district meeting of my mission. We were in district meeting and at the end of every district meeting we do a practice teaching. My first district meeting I was a little distressed and still jet lagged, I also was worried about my appearance. So I sat through the whole practice teach not saying a word while Sister Tueller taught Elder B- then at the end I lost it and said I just needed to find a place where I could get eye makeup remover so I could wear my makeup and at least feel somewhat like myself. 
Fast forward to Monday...Sister W and I had the opportunity to practice teach Elder B. The second time I have done a practice teach with Elder B since the first time which was a disaster. It was a really neat experience to see how much I have grown and changed since that time- I was able to speak in Cebuano with no problems, I was confident, I had my makeup remover ;) and most importantly I was (and am) HAPPY. He commented on how much I have changed since that time and I am grateful he saw a difference. 

I think one of the most gratifying parts of this mission is watching people grow. 

Time is so short right now- Perla still hasn't come to church, but she's coming this week. Please pray for her- and that we can really get the members involved in helping her.

Also, huge miracle: Ardgie is getting baptized! It's a long story that I will tell better next week, but his parents gave permission after 8 months- this 13 year old has the biggest smile and testimony I've ever seen for someone his age. 

Sorry for the lack of good details, but I am happy and healthy and growing. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I love his children, especially in my place of Cebu. 

Here's some wisdom from the wedding- Use your gugma (love) to think of ugma (tomorrow) and to uma others ( nurture and care for) Isn't that nice?

Love you all to the stars and back,
Sister Tueller
All of us on Cebu!
My nanay and all her posterity!

Sister H and I! 

The wedding!

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