Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Live on those prayers

And we're halfway there! Somehow, it's March 5. 2014 and not August 5, 2013 like I'd like to believe, so I've actually been a missionary for 9 months today. More miracles await!

I love Balamban! The whole thing about it just feels right. I know I'm supposed to be here now, and this week, I found some reasons why. We had one of those weeks where our plans didn't work, but the Lord's plan for those hours was so much better.

Starting with: Splits with the Sister Training Leaders. Sister A and Sis. D are so great. I got to work with Sis. D who's also 19, from Montana and my senior batch. She emanates charity and everyone around her feels that. That's the point, isn't it? Be loved by God, love others, love Him. 

Sister D and I went to Cantuod the magical jungle land. We taught some more people, but the best part was Sister Perla. We began an OST in a home with some neighbors joining in- I think a large part of the draw may have been the two American girls. We were losing people as we went, but we felt good about continuing with those who would stay. Halfway through, another neighbor came in. Sister Perla sat down right next to us and began to ask questions, and truly desire to be taught at our feet. Her eyes filled with tears and she had the biggest smile. She’s been through a lot in her life, and looking for the word of God. When we returned, she’d reprimanded all her neighbors for not accepting us, and she’s told all of them that we are messengers from God. The elect truly hear His voice. She’s accepted a baptismal date, we do have to work out marriage problems, but it was a huge blessing for me to see that the Lord has prepared people.

And she didn't come to church. But a less active sister did- she was the last of her family- the DumDums! So families are being united! 

We had more things like that. Sonya, and Janisa, and Catherine. Time's running out,  and I wish I could tell you all their incredible stories. I'll get to the ones that stay so special. 

We went to the city yesterday and rode lots of jeepneys and weaved through crowds and bought medicine in little alley way stores and got directions from the apple sellers and refused buying lots of banana que- I'm used to the mingaw, silent province with my caribou, but that's okay. The city is beautiful. We were coming back at night and I looked over and saw the Cebu Temple all lit up- we're so lucky to have this light in the darkness.

But one more miracle: we have an investigator who's living with a less active. He's been an investigator for 2 years, and they both come to church now every single week. The only problem is their marriage. We've been at a loss for how to help them- they understand the doctrine, they want to be baptized, so we have to help them. On Sunday night, we stopped by, no one was home, so that was sad. But Cherisa's mom stopped by with the best news! Apparently, they're going to get the papers today. I don't know if this is actually finally happening, but it would be such a miracle if Christian and Cherisa can get married. Pray for their wedding to go through and that we can help this little family!

I've learned a lot about faith and humilty and diligence this week. Not anything new, just feeling nourished. of his water and word. In Visaya, we don't talk about feasting on the words of Christ, we talk about "busog" = about getting full of food, or in this case, something better. It's such a true description. When we pray truly ,when we study with intent, when we follow humbly, he fills us.

Learn the doctrine and live it!

Ayaw malimot nga tinuod na! I love you all!

Sister Tueller

Me on a river boat!

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