Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love More and Love Better

First, I can't wait to watch conference this weekend. Due to our time difference here, we get everything a week later, but it gives me an extra week to prepare to hear these words, to ask questions, to prepare myself in the Spirit. What did you love from the words of Christ?

Miracles abound in this place. I've been really struck with the miracles that happen when the members are involved. The work is beginning to hasten here in Balamban- we as missionaries are understanding our weakness alone, and slowly but surely, the members are also finding their responsibility. It's a hard thing to teach- but as we pray, the Spirit is working with them. Example: Our branch president is the best, and this week, he finally got it. He's decided that we need someone to work with us everyday. Obviously, he can't force people to help us, but we're understanding.

The Sugabo children came to church! Because we involved members. We got their uncle to go pick them up. He was willing, just waiting for an invitation. We were hoping for an April baptism for Jerico, MariCris, and JeriMae, but we need to make sure they understand. They have very little background in the gospel, because they've been less active for so long. It makes me so grateful for the good primary teachers in my life who helped my learning. But Sis. Cuajao was a primary teacher in her ward at home, so we're doing great. Jerico and MariCris have stopped being shy and can pray on demand, JeriMae's still working on it. The light of the gospel is spreading in them.

I can't remember if I've talked about Bro. Christian. He's the partner of Sis. Cherisa a less active. I think he's actually my age, and Cherisa's a year old than me. They have an adorable daughter with the chubbiest cheeks. Christian's been an investigator for over a year and a half. He comes to church faithfully. He brings his mini Book of Mormon to work and reads during his lunch break. He wants to bless his daughter. The problem is the wedding papers. But we have a deadline of May 8 before other papers expire, and good news in terms of funding help, and I can feel that we're having a wedding this transfer! I'd had a hard time understanding him before this week. He seems to joke about things and not focus- like asking about the price of land in Hawaii after reading about the Atonement, but then have a deep understanding when asked. He finally opened up this week about some of his problems and the ways he's been transformed by the gospel and his family. He's light hearted, because he chooses not to be heavy hearted. Christian understands who his Savior is. That change happened before I ever taught him ,but I'm grateful to see it. That's why we work. In some small ways, I have come to know my Savior and so I invite others to him. Their door is the cutest- it's in the middle of all these little bamboo/other wood houses, and then their door has this huge picture of the Savior's second coming. They're looking forward to it. Pray that we can make this wedding happen!

Sis. Mercy was a tender mercy in my life this week. We were working with Nanay Capuyan- more miracles because she invites everyone to listen to us. But Sis. Mercy was special. She was baptized when she was very young, and has avoided missionaries ever since her mother changed to Seventh Day Adventist. She's been confused, and I can't even begin to describe the trials in her life. Suffice it to say that she was recently diagnosed with brain cancer- she's only 26, and it's the latest in a chain of many problems. Sis. Mercy decided to visit with us in Sis. Capuyan's house, and the Spirit was so present. We shared about Christ's atonement, and she told us she needed to come back to him. I don't have any other response to that except YES! She's got a lot of steps to take, but Sis. Mercy will come to Christ. 

I'm excited for this coming week- we're spending the next four days in meetings- zone training, interviews, and general conference. We won't get as much time to work which is hard, and I worry about our people who need to progress, but I cannot wait to be edified and filled. 

God answers our small prayers. He's uniquely aware of us. We labor diligently. We labor in his way. Slowly, our hearts turn to him, and then we are filled.

I love you all. I'm sorry this is all over the place- I think I'm developing a head cold and my thoughts are flying a little bit. But I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect and true. I'm so far from perfect, but somehow, he makes me so much more. I'd never understand about the Lamanites receiving the Holy Ghost, and the baptism of fire and not even knowing it, but this week, in reflecting on who I'm becoming, on who Sis. Tueller is now, I think I saw that a little bit. We may not even realize, but as we work, the Master Carver is making something of us. I'm glad to be able to fill my role, my branch on his perfect vine.

More power coming your way,

Sister Tueller

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