Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Dear ones,

The time is far spent! Thank you for all the news and every single detail.
I loved hearing about Easter on the ship, and in Oak Hills. I've felt so
full of gratitude for our heritage of faith. The funeral sounded beautiful-
Last week, as I read emails, one of my house mates noticed that I wasn't
normal, asked what was going on, and offered this help: She's with you now.
Grandma and the Spirit have been helping me in heaping spoonfuls this week.

And now for miracles:
First, the biggest miracle is that Christ lives! I've been able to teach
that, and it's true. The doctrine tastes good. More on that later.

We had a baptism this week! Ardgie Dumdum is the 13 year old nephew of the
Branch president who lives with his other uncle, a recent convert. He's
actually been coming to church for 8 months, but his parents wouldn't give
permission. Sis. N and I dedicated some fasting to that, and Ardgie
prayed everyday, and they gave permission last month. But then he needed to
be interviewed by Pres. S because he's so young. That took lots of
waiting, because Pres. is rarely here, and then he wasn't even going
to be able to interview him, but prayers works and lots of jeepney
rides and calling people, we got Ardgie an interview, and had a
surprise baptism. Plus, we hustled and visited all of
our LA families with 8 year olds and got interviews for them and made
sure everyone had the priesthood who needed it, and we had this
wonderful baptism!!

So, the power went out in the middle of me writing that story, so this
is now 2 hours later, we're about to go to our zone activity and
that's the end of that story.

We also had interviews and I was so grateful for someone who knows me and
has seen my progress.

Here's my Easter experience. With Sis. A, we talked to Sis. Lizil, who
didn't seem interested at first, but finally said we could come back the
next day. So, of course, we go back- like Elder Ballard taught us- Follow
up!  Her family was watching TV (This was on Good Friday, so everyone had
work off), and as we came in, everyone left except a few. They weren't very
happy about turning off the TV, but Sis. Lizil insisted. We sat on the
floor and watched the wild dogs come in and out for a while, as they got
themselves situated. I almost felt like we needed to just get this over
with, but I was humbled really fast. We sang, prayed, began teaching, etc.
Sis. Lizil seemed very quiet, but at least nice. She asked us one question-
"Why don't you use the sign of the cross?" This is a super common question-
people have themselves convinced that this and saints are the only
difference between Mormons and Catholics. So I'm used to answering this.
But somehow, I was guided, and answered her question clearly. "Sister, what
do we celebrate today?"

"His death."
"What is the cross a symbol of?"
"His death."
"And what will we celebrate on Sunday?"
"That he lives."

And she just looked at me with a new kind of light in her eyes and said
"Bitaw, no?"- which I can only really explain as "I've never thought of
that, but of course."

I wrote in my journal about that that night, because I felt it, but I
wasn't sure what would happen. However, later, we were working with her
,e,ber neighbor, Sis. Capuyan. She almost couldn't hold in her joy to tell
us. Lizil had been talking to her and she couldn't stop saying- It makes
sense. She understood. Lizil couldn't come up with any other way to
describe it, but she understood. I know she'll do so well, because of
course, our Savior lives.  She's really busy with work, so please pray that
we'll be able to visit her.

I will try to back log next week-but so much happens!! Balamban is a
place of joy and growth. I'm filled with peace and like Nephi, "I know
in whom I have trusted." He lives. He stands with us. Let us choose to
live like Him.

Pinakamaayo ikapadala nako ninyo,

Sister Tueller
The Balamban District

Our lunch at General Conference

The baptism!

Here's Ardgie.

My two mga anak

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