Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Right place, right time

Dear everyone,

First, I love you. I love the gospel. So I want you to love the gospel. Please do.

And now for this week! It's been a good one. I don't think I ever say anything different than that, so be assured, it's always a good week out here. 

I learned again this week that the Lord is aware of us, and when we work hard, he just blesses us more. Thursday was an incredible day. We recommitted to talk to the people in our path, and to search for the elect. We went forward with our plans trusting in the Lord. That day, every thing went right. Our first appointment wasn't there- busy (more about them later). 
Next: Marlo Cabije. Thank you for your prayers! We had an incredible lesson where she committed to come to church this coming week. She really understood the judgement day and she just gets it. She needs to courage to do it and to change. It took forever, and I started to understand a little bit of what Ammon felt when he was exhausted in the Spirit. But we had so much more to do. 

Does anyone remember Jolly B? She was the rich lady where we tracted into her house in my first week. She got really busy, but this week, we visited her again. She first told us that she's not allowed to visit with us, so that was sad, but then she continued to talk and tell her about her problems- she's got all sorts of things going on, and she really needs to come to know her Savior, but she's not willing to change. We're going to give her a Book of Mormon because she needs it so much, and I know that the Book of Mormon has the answers to all of our problems, but that too was hard.

We continued into a different baranggay, and we have so many return appointments from the one day- we're excited to follow up with these cute families and people kind enough to allow us into their homes. They definitely need the gospel, we just hope that they'll have the faith to act. 

Next, Tatay Redoblado. We couldn't teach, because there weren't any women there and none of our members could come with us. But he promised to come to church- he hasn't been back since that last time. Guess who was the first one there at the chapel on Sunday, even before us? Dear Brother Redoblado and his granddaughter. He was also given the Aaronic priesthood! God's miracles are sublime.

Then to the Cuderas- some of my favoirte people here. We've been working with them and their neighbors and their son, Philitaeo but in the last few weeks, even Brother Cudera has been joining our lesson. (He's been against the church in the past) We talked about Joseph Smith and he shared his testimony of Joseph Smith and cried- it's still going to be a long haul with them but I will visit with them in the celestial kingdom. 

Another incredible experience: On Friday night, we were in the right place at the right time to find one of our members who was looking for us. She came to ask us to come to the funeral of her granddaughter who'd passed away early that morning. It's probably indescriblable
and my time is up, but I know the plan of Salvation is true!

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