Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kamao na ko! (Jan. 7)

Dear family, 
How are you all? How's life in Utah and Hawaii? Are you ready yet? No one here can believe you're going on such an adventure. 

Also, I got your packages this week! Thank you so much. And thank the Laie 8th ward for me. It's all about love, isn't it? And I was so lucky to learn that from such a great family and ward family.

It's been a great week in Sibonga. We got Elders! Elder Consigna and ELder Carroll are both new- Elder Consigna is training right after training, and they're so enthusiastic and ready to be here. I think they might be just what Sibonga needs, plus two sisters who are really trying their best to help some people come closer to Christ.

Miracles of the week: Gege Sanchez. Oh, she's incredible. She has a long complicated story, but basically, she was baptized, then got pregnant, left the church, but led half of her family to the church in the process. There are all sorts of miracles going on in her life- we couldn't visit her before because of the owners of their house, and then they had a sudden windfall of cash and they built their own house. Often, when we visit less actives, they've simply become lazy, or maybe they didn't have a testimony in the first place. We remind them of their responsibility and God's enduring love, and we hope and pray that they come to church. She's different. She first told me- I'm having doubts. (most people  here don't understand enough to have doubts. I tell people about Joseph Smith and then ask what they understand, and they say he's a prophet. They won't pray to ask if it's true, because they already know. But they think all churches are the same. It's an evil trap of Satan and I spend all the time working on it- but when someone has real doubts, I just about jump for joy) We got to talk about her feelings, and her need for repentance and mostly just feel her "real intent." I'm so grateful that we can trust in God's promise that he will give them knowledge- they simply need to do the acting so that they can progress.

Also, I'm learning about believing in people. I've visited the Taladro home every week faithfully for the past 3 months. I've entered once, and shared a short message to no one really listening. This week, we went by, and they welcomed us in, sat us down, asked us gospel question and the time of church. Do I know what happened? No idea. Did they come to church? No. But they will! Maybe it'll take another 3 months and I might not be here, but that's okay! People need someone to believe in them more than they can themselves. I've experienced that so many times in my life. Thanks for being those people then, and for me now. Right now, I'm so blessed to be that person who believes. It's not always easy, but it's so worth it. And then when the members who didn't believe in them see it, they learn to believe in themselves a little more. Sibonga keeps teaching more than I could ever have learned otherwise- weaving roofs with my favorite families, or loving more than I thought possible. 

I'm just grateful. And I love you all. Keep doing your good things.

Oh, the title- I can already do it/know how to do it! it's really just fun to say, and to tell Filipino people that I already know how to ride a caribou or make roofs, even though I don't. But maybe I will. There are lots of things that I can do, that I didn't really think would be possible, but I can. 

I promise more fun stories next week- I'm short on time and I've been thinking about a lot. But keep loving and progressing and learning, everyone! 

Ampin mo ha!
Sister Tueller

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