Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hello all! 

I'm glad to hear that you haven't had seasickness. Enjoy your adventures! My life seems normal now compared to my family.

This week has flown by. Sibonga is becoming comfortable- and still exciting. Here's an update on people and events:
 Sister K. She should come first, because she's my companion! I love serving with Sister K. She is absolutely never discouraged, and she's learning so much. Growth is inspiring, even when it kind of hurts. We laugh a lot, but we've also been discussing our questions and the doctrine. It's really been making a difference in our work- we're seeking more knowledge, and it's brought blessings. Every week, we get to ask our Zone Leaders a gospel question and they'll do their best to answer it- so we're working on stumpers. 

Joann. Remember her? When we split the area with the Elders, they got her area, so we haven't been by. However, this week, the Elders have been sick, so we've been covering for them. We'd been having a day of no one being home, and the Spirit very clearly told us to go to her. She thought we'd forgotten her and was so excited to see us. She was sick, and didn't come to church, so we're hoping it was just that. 

Gege Sanchez. She's been really sick all week, so we haven't taught her. But last time, we left her an assignment. When we stopped by, she said "your assignment was really long, I haven't finished yet." This is fairly normal, it's sad, but we keep going. We enquired a little more and found out how wonderful this actually was. I meant to leave Alma 32, but forgot the "32" so I assigned Sister G to read the book of Alma. She didn't finish the whole thing, but she read 20 chapters! Miracles abound.

Joshua. You would never believe he had a problem with prayer! He won't let anyone else pray anymore. He and his older brother have to do "rock paper scissors" to see who gets to pray. His brother Brian is wonderful too. He's 13 and needs someone to believe in him. For his birthday, we got him a scripture case and he immediately started calling himself Elder Brian- it kind of looks like the bags Elders use here.  We put some pamphlets and things in it, and the next time, he asked us for more. He'd given them out to people who'd asked him questions and he got us return appointments! That's member missionary work at its finest!

We're always trying to talk to people and find the elect- those prepared from the foundations of the world to receive the gospel now, and I know they're there, but sometimes, I feel like I'm pulling people along, instead of people with true desires. That's my job now, but every so often, the elect really come. I got a really strong impression this week to stop by one of our street contacts, even though she hadn't been there every time we'd gone back. We went to Jen Suico's house and her sister told us she was sick. We said we'd maybe come back, and then stopped to tell her who we were. As we testified, she flung the door open, told us to come in, and we proceeded to have a lesson with Hanimae and her husband Jake. They are so elect. They're both from different religions, and they see problems with both- they're looking for the truth. Unfortunately, they live on Negros, not even in our mission. But we'll send a referral, and they will come into the fold. It was enough for me to see God's hand, and his people that have been prepared. This work truly is hastening. We're no longer just fishing, but we're hunting to find them. I've been feeling a sense of urgency, mostly just to work with all my might for his glory. This week, I hope you all can have to faith as well. There are elect in your path. Be an example in deed, and then be an example and invite in word. They need what we have!

I love you all, I know this gospel is true!

Sister Tueller

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