Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Kaisgoonan (Isn't that a great word?- it just means brothers and sisters)

This week. It's been one of the best. Where do I start?

I miss Sibonga. That place is mine. I am part of it. But it's okay because I'm in Balamban! It's so exciting to be in this new area. There are so many people here who haven't heard the testimony of Sis. Tueller- so we're working towards that. We've had all sorts of miracles already.

First, Wednesday. We visited the Gonzales family- Joshua and Brian. They were so active and just about devastated that I was leaving- so I got lots of "Baletis" - or Valentine's if you're not a dyslexic, Cebuano 9 year old recent convert. They are the best. Everyone should be excited for Joshua and Brian's mission stories in a matter of years.

then, transfer day! I ended up having to travel by myself to Cebu City on a bus- since I hadn't been alone for over 8 months, that was a little different. But there's still the Spirit, and the Savior, so I was okay :). Basically, after lots of organization, we were on the way to Toledo- to Balamban. 

Here's a really quick story that I learned a lot from. We had just left the bus station and on the other side of the road, I noticed a man walking with his small family. He was very obviously poor, and desperately searching for something, for anything. (This might not be the cool story you think it is- I was stuck on the bus). I see people like this quite frequently- it's a different kind of poverty than the simplicity, and my heart aches. As we drove by, he tripped, he fell, his pack was too heavy. He stayed on his knees, and just looked up. I hoped in that moment, that the missionaries would find him, that the Spirit could comfort him. I saw even more clearly how important our role is- not just us missionaries, but all of us. So many in this world are stumbling, searching for anything- and we have the gospel light. I've been studying this, and I feel so inspired to help those that stumble. Christ will take away our stumbling blocks if we simply let him in! (1 Ne 13:29,32-34)

To Balamban- it's adorable. the area is divided into two branches- and we have the one right next to the beach. It's exciting. It's bigger than Sibonga, but it's still not city by any means. There are quite a few active members, so that makes me happy- we're working with people going to the temple, and still less actives- but there's lots of room for our people who don't have the gospel yet! We've had some great success with new investigators this week- we've gone forth with faith to find them, and they just come. This week will be exciting as we go back to some of them- a few of them have already committed to be baptized when they know its true, now we just let the Holy Ghost do his thing!

Okay, I'm doing an awful job of capturing the sublime beauty of this week. On Saturday, we got to go to the city for a mission conference with Pres. Nielson of the Philippines Area- we learned about the Atonement and personal strength and becoming. The Lord's aware of his children- and I know that for myself. I also got to talk with President Schmutz about some of what he wants me specifically to do here in Balamban- what a blessing. But don't worry, it gets better.

For the first time in 7 months, I got to enter the house of the Lord. The Cebu Temple is breathtaking. So many things worked together. A temple worker knew Aunt Anna. Sis. S and Sis. K got to come. God loves his children a lot. We got to see the new, new temple film. I feel edified and closer to God than ever before. Go to the temple whenever you can!

Family, others who I love, my time's about up. The miracle stories will have to wait til next week. There should be pictures of a magical land we discovered- we had to ride a river boat over there, with some baby caribou and a woman selling things from her head. We found a family with a recently deceased uncle- Sis. R is one of our new investigators who wants to be baptized!

Less actives came to church, investigators decided to continue to learn, Sister N and I are doing great and learning together. I love being a missionary, I love you all! Let us choose not to stumble but to keep in his path- and then to help others.

Sister Tueller

Our magical fairytale land!

Me and my wonderful companion!

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