Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Maglakaw na ko! (I'm going already)

Dear everyone,
 First things first, I'm transferring! I'm not quite sure how to feel about this, but mostly I'm excited. I'm going to Balamban. Still on Cebu, but on the other side of the island. It's still a little town, which I love. My companion will be Sis. N, who's from my batch, so I'm sure we'll have a grand old time. Even more exciting, this is where Sis. Y, my trainer first served, so I've heard all sorts of stories about the wonderful people who live there, and they'll know her. Next week, I promise a full description of the place, but I've never been there, so it will have to wait until then.

I will miss Sister K so much. She's become my sister, and she even told me that I get to be Polynesian now. You know how excited I would have been about that. She's been sick for the past couple of days and we've been in the house just talking and studying the gospel and I'll miss her tons. Missions are such a cool time to bring all these different people together and teach us all the beauty of differences.

Plus, summary of the week! Lots happened. We moved houses- again. We had to move to the house right in front of us, so that was an interesting day. I've now cleaned a house from top to bottom 3 times on my mission- useful skills here. Just for one specific detail: there's a magical thing called Permethrin that kills all of our insect friends so they don't eat our food or shower with us. I sprayed the whole house and mopped the floors with it, etc. From then, (it's now been a week), I go into the kitchen and count how many uk-uks (cockroaches) are lying on their backs and sweep them up. Today was the first day that it was under 10. Life in hawaii prepared me on some levels for this, but don't worry- it's more fun in the Philippines!

We had a wonderful zone training- about our first and second estates. I can't do it justice, but I do know that the doctrine changes us! Every time I study it, I'm inspired to do more. 

We did have an incredible sacrament meeting- more than 40 people came to our dear Sibonga branch. One was a less active sister who we visited for the first time this week- she just needed someone to tell her to have faith and she came to church. She was the first one there- somehow, this is turning into a pattern with my less actives. Maybe, we should all have that same desire to be cleansed. Sacrament meeting means so much more when I'm thinking of these people who haven't come in years and then they can be renewed and finally forgiven. 
One of my favorite less active families also finally came to church- the Cuderas. Their problem is mostly financial, but of course, that also means having faith. My dear Nanay was so happy- she just cried through all of the closing hymn. They have been a family to me here, and I think I've been able to make a difference with them. Someday, they will be sealed- when Tatay overcomes his pride and addiction and yields to his testimony growing inside of him.

I'm excited, but I'm sad to leave Sibonga. It is sacred ground for me. We walked past some places and I could see all the miracles that happened there, usually when I wasn't sure what else would happen. Sibonga wasn't soft on me- my Father isn't afraid to use a strong blow on the rough stone of my soul. But I've gained such a fierce bold love for these people, for this work, and for my Savior. I'll miss the girls at the bakeshop, and the teenage boys on the side of the street, and my favorite mango selling stand, and the pristine tennis courts in the middle of town. It's a special, special place that needs lots of love. I'll miss our meeting house- weeds and all. That's what my Father can see in us- weeds and stones and all- he sees who we will be, and loves us for it. Pray for charity and he will give it- and then we will be changed, and then, then, we will be like him and see him as he is. That glorious promise is my message. I love you all. Your Savior loves you. Do something today to show that love!

Nasayud jud ko nga tinuod ni! Nahigugma ko ninyo. Amping kanunay!
Sister Tueller

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