Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mga nakita nako!

Rough translation: the things I've seen. It's a thing I've found myself praying for this week, being grateful mostly for the miracles seen, or the growth seen, or the progress or something like that.  And we'e seen some pretty cool things this week.

Last Wednesday, we went to follow up on a street contact, and we weren't thinking much of it because people tell us we can come back all the time and then it isn't een their house or no one's home or something. And it wasn't Brother Lio's house, but when we approached the house, the nanay called us in and started talking with us. We started teaching her a lesson and she asked how she can join our church! We'd been working on extending baptismal invitations earlier, so that was a nice nudge from Heavenly Father. Andrea said she'd think about it. The Lord knows what will happen with her, but I certainly don't.

We had some more training this week, which I always love. It's crazy to see how many missionaries are still in training, and how young our mission is. At the moment, it makes us work harder and be better so that we can really teach the level of more experienced missionaries. And as we get older in the mission, there's going to be this incredible force of really prepared serants of the Lord.

Random side note: the "v" key on this keyboard only works sometimes, so we'll see what happens. If it's spelled wrong, put that letter in and see if it makes more sense that way.

There's news about a possible storm, but it's supposed to pass by us, so pray, but don't worry too much. 

Friday ,Saturday and Sunday were "All Soul's Day" here, which apparently means that eeryone is drunk. So they're at home, but not teachable. Een some less acties, which is discouraging. Two of those days we went up into the mountains. Like the mountains! Some kids of a member guided us up this little mountain shortcut. I needed to use all my hiking skills and I still was left wishing that I had mountain goat hoofs. But we found some less acties who hadn't been isited (see look!) since the 90's, and who don't really want to come back to church, but we told them that God loes them. On Sunday though, we found another less actie who's wonderful. I asked her what she needed to do to build her faith in God, and she said "come to church." So we asked her to come to church for the first time this year, and she said "Sure!" After that, it's not hard to teach! That's Jhonna Mae.

And Sister JeeJee! She really wants to come back to church, there are some barriers, like her husband's family, but they're building their own house, and hopefully , we can help them build their house, and their faith.

Or Sister Marlo! We taught her yesterday after going to her house twice a week for the past month and neer meeting her. She lost her Book of Mormon and didn't know how to get another and almost cried when I had one in my bag (The Spirit is the best). Her friend asked me why we're called Mormons, and Marlo basically taught her a lesson about the Book of Mormon and why we hae to read it. I'm sure there are concerns besides a lost Book of Mormon since she hasn't been to church in 3 years, but I know the Lord was preparing her.

This is the work I want to be doing here in Sibonga. They need some loe and encouragement. This has been a branch for over 20 years, and eery year, people are baptized, and somehow, they, or someone else, is falling out. There's so much potential. This week at church, we had 41 people attend, which is the highest in the past little while! Not really through anything we all did, but the Lord's putting his hand out in Sibonga as long as we're being obedient and faithful. At one point, just last year, attendance was up to 70, so we're finding those other ones. 

We did finally get to go to church! and the church is still the same. It's still true, in my ward in Laie, or in Oak Hills, or here in a house in Sibonga. There are some differences, like interesting tempos to music created by a 13 year old pianist, or the fact that we are the permanent back up teacher, but it's all true, it's all good, it's all light. It's edifying. 

This week, I'e wanted to see the miracles. I'm learning that as we ask for miracles, we're showing our faith, and then our faith is built when we recognize them. So all of those- miracles! When I go to my study with a question, there's a answer-Miracle! If I go without a question, I still get reelation, but I don't get to recognize a miracle. As long as I look, they're there! God's looking out for us. That's what I'm seeing this week.

Nahigugma ko ninyo! Labaw sa mga bituon or mga balod, bisan layo pa mo, daghan gugma sa inyoha!

Sister Tueller

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