Sunday, October 27, 2013

Abi nimo nga abi nako nga . . .

Here's a weird Visaya phrase for you all. Abi nako means something to the effect of "I thought that" and Abi nimo strangely means "I'll have you know" - so I'll have you all know what I was thinking this week- because I had a lot of time for thinking!
First, to finish last week. We were having Zone interviews, during the earthquake- but they're a story all in themselves. We'd had a couple of adjusting days here, and it was just what I needed. I got to talk to President Schmutz, and really feel his confidence in me, but more importantly, the Lord's trust and love for me. He gave me some incredible promises about this area- so we're going to work hard for Sibonga branch, and inviting everyone to come to Christ! I know I'm called at this time, with Sister Harris, here in Sibonga because it's the Lord's plan. I'm already seeing little bits of how he's prepared me for this- and I love that my companion and I are somehow distantly related!

And we have this area that's really bukid (out there) but there's a couple of wonderful families who were brought back by missionaries last year or so, and they have all sorts of investigator relatives. We had two dinner appointments, extended some baptismal invitations, taught lessons in some really deep Visaya, and rode a habal-habal down a mountain! Good stuff. I love the Philippines. It's more fun here.

Now for this week: it's been another big one. Thursday and Friday, we managed to do some really good work. We did a lot of tracting, which is something I haven't done much yet on my mission, so that's always fun. Thursday yielded some real miracles- like meeting some members, even though many weren't at their house, and some really kind people who let us teach them. Also, one named Jolly B. Really. She almost became a nun, but became disenchanted with the bureaucracy, and wants to follow Christ. Right before we came, she had decided to forgive someone she'd held a grudge against for a long time, and she took that as her sign and answer that we're representatives of Jesus Christ. I won't argue with that one.

Friday was more of a day where you walk and talk to lots of people, and don't find "them that will receive you." But I felt so happy. I did all I could to serve the Lord and find His children and it was great. 

In other news, this week, every missionary in Cebu and Cebu East mission is going to the city because Elder Neil L. Anderson is coming to speak to us. This missionary's very excited.

That's it for this week- some thoughts of my heart: Trust in the Lord. He's looking out for us. Don't become spiritually blind. Yield yourself to him.

Love you all,
Sister Tueller

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