Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Dear family,

Oh it's been another great week in Bayawan. Somehow, I'm short on time again, but I'll try to fit all the details I can into this letter.

Here's a store that's almost directly across from our house, and it makes me laugh every day.

If you can't read it, it says "Frincess"- the other sign is even better, because it used to say "Prencis", but they've painted over part of the P to correct it to Frencis. It's just great.

And then here are my companions with our "Apostleship"

As for details for this week, we had some real adventures. On Saturday, we went on splits with members! So Sister Yanga went with one 18 year old girl preparing for a mission, and Sister Rugg and I went with the other 18 year old girl. Suffice it to say, I was terrified. I was also supposed to be conducting, so I was in charge, without a trainer. So I prayed a lot, and I relied on the Spirit and my faith, a lot. Family, it worked. When the Lord asks you to do more, he makes you able to do it! We taught lessons and taught them well, and I understood so much, and was able to talk to our member present as well, and we met wonderful people. It was a huge faith building experience. In one of the lessons, we ended up teaching faith in trials, instead of agency like I'd planned. And it's what we needed to do, and even though I didn't have my notes written to teach about that, or scriptures picked out, or really anything except a genuine love for Alona, it was enough. I thought I'd learned that God allows me to do things through him, but when I test it more fully, I learn it even more.

Updates on my People here: Sister Bibing is getting baptized on the 21st. She's so great. We can't even believe what a miracle she is- we're the first sister missionaries to visit the Carcasona family, and they needed sisters. Brother was a less- active, an occasional church attender, but he's now preparing whole heartedly for the temple. He made the sacrifice to go to District Conference last week, which is 2 hours away!

Elvie Valor: She's the one with the paralyzed husband. The one who can know sit alone, move his hands completely, speak, move his toes, and his legs are coming! She has so much faith- and she's promised to God that she will join his church once she can attend when her husband is well- I think with her faith, it could be in this week.

Okay, that's all for the installment this week, I promise more next time!
I love you all so much! There are moments when I can just feel your prayers really close, pulling me up, maybe through the heat, and I'm so grateful!

Love, love love
Sister Josie Tueller

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  1. It is amazing how our babies are growing. You sounded so great!