Sunday, July 10, 2016


Choosing to write words
about a language transcending experience
may be an arrogant move

When I walked into the yard,
The Khmer woman grabbed her pink hat
ready to go out or to stay in
Granddaughter reaching up for a spiky fruit
Trio of pigtails dancing
Daughter crouches deferentially
but grins when I meet her eye
A rambutan falls but no one sprints to pick it up
Only the cow noticed, which surprises me
She seemed like the oblivious type
at least, she had only batted one large eyelash
when I intruded into their world for a few minutes.
No one else said anything at all-
except as I left,
I bowed with an earnest "Thank you"
it was not enough for what they gave me

I've always had an image of silk road traders
meeting on the road
gathering piles of goods
and then turning around
ricocheting back
but I'd never thought about what they said
the culture exchange
Maybe just pointing
Or maybe a thank you

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