Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maayong Hapon!

Dear Everyone,

First! News: I have a new companion here in Sibonga. Sister Kalonihea is Tongan, but she’s from New Zealand. She’s a transfer behind me, and she’s from Tacloban mission, transferred to Cebu mission for now. She’s ready for anything and so happy to serve the Lord- it’s contagious. Sibonga needs her creativity and fun spirit! It’s always an adventure in Sibonga, but I’m feeling so hopeful about what will happen for the rest of this transfer.

Sister Harris and I were in the city at the Temple Complex on Friday and there were so many members there from so far away- from Ilo Ilo, and from Tacloban and from Mindanao. I got to talk to so many of them, and every single one of them was so happy to talk to a missionary. It was an incredible time where I got to see a bigger glimpse of how much I’ve become Sister Tueller- how much I’ve become who they see- that loving, caring sister who desires to serve the Lord.  And now I keep becoming more!!

Highlights of this week, because we’re low on time:

District CSP- We hiked into the bukid, and kept walking and walking forever- or one hour! Sister K really is up for anything- so much fun. And then the people weren’t even there! But they showed up eventually, and we cut down trees and pulled weeds, and maybe next month, we’ll go plant banana trees in the place we cleared. Even though it was far, and maybe not the best use of time, doing something useful for someone- tangibly- was so great. And we go anywhere, do anything with faith.

-JoAnn- she’s someone we walked by last week, and the Spirit told me that we had to talk to her, so I turned around and we talked to her and taught her a lesson- and she’s looking for something more. Her brother apparently served an LDS mission, but she’s lost track of him. She and her husband and their four kids are incredibly poor, and last time, we prayed that JoAnn would be able to find a job. This  week, when we went back to teach them- she’d just arrived home from work, selling things by the school. She said she’d worried that we wouldn’t come back, especially when she couldn’t come to church because her children had fevers. But she prayed that she’d be able to come this week-and I know Heavenly Father wants to answer that prayer.

-Brother Redoblado, a less active. Oh my goodness. We’ve gone by his house almost every Sunday for the past transfer because he lives on the way to one of our investigator/recent convert/Less active families, but he’s never been there. Sometimes, his family would be there, drinking, and so we didn’t feel super optimistic about him. But
this Sunday, the drinking family told us to go up to his house on the ledge. So we climbed some  pretty steep parts, and got to his house. He was smoking when we came, but put it out on the tree, pulled up a bench, and told us thank you, so many times for coming- he told us about the happiness and unity that he’d felt in his family when the missionaries visited years ago. He committed in his prayer to come to church- so pray for him please!

Also, I have been a missionary for more than 6 months now. That’s strange- and now everyday of my mission is the last “Dec  12” as a missionary. It’s gone way too fast, so it’s a good thing I have another year left!

I’ve learned how to rely on my Savior. My God has a plan for me, and he helps me fulfill it. This missionary work is so important right now. Everyone needs to be given a chance to accept or reject this gospel- and so many people need it now. That’s the call of the prophet now. So all of you, find a small way to share the gospel. If you pray and ask for a way, God will give one to you! Promise, for sure. I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that  he stands beside us. I know that families can be together forever- and I love you all!

Nasayud pod ko nga ang Dios naa siyay plano sa atong tanan- usa ka plano sa gugma ug kalinaw ug hingpit nga kalipay.

Much love,
Sister Tueller

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