Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Miracles dyud!

So family, miracles are real. That's something I keep learning, but the Lord keeps teaching me. I can't even pull them all together, but I'll try to encompass one day for you.

On Thursday, we got to have zone interviews- and I'm so grateful for President Schmutz, and I got some really cool personal revelation to apply in my studies. We also had a workshop about "Becoming the missionary you want to be"- so that one's kind of self explanatory, and I felt such joy- I can't explain how the Spirit works, but I know that it's awesome, and it's desirable about anything else (3 Nephi 19:9- think about that one, what do we want the most? What do we ask Christ for?)

But as we came back, no one was there at our appointments, no one wanted to listen, and it was kind of a hard day- it's a mark of how wonderful Filipinos are that this is the only day I haven't taught a lesson, and how the Lord knew how hard rejection is for me. I'm definitely still learning rejection every day, but he blesses me.

Don't worry though, the Lord was just making sure that we're still diligent missionaries. Friday was amazing. We planned our week, and the Spirit was really showing us what to do and where to go. And then we went out. We taught Christina, a recent convert and her friends- one who had been really quiet in previous lessons, but she shared her testimony and her desire to learn more- so cool! 

Next we taught a 12 year old girl who has a broken family but she was baptized a year ago, but she just needs the support to continue in the gospel. I felt like I could do something really useful as we got to help her (Later, connected miracle- we were street contacting, and I really felt like we needed to talk to this group of people- Turns out, her mom was standing there, her mom who had been living in a city 2 hours away, but who came home 2 hours after we left Casey's house. I just love this gospel, and when I get to see his hand)

Next, we contacted the investigator who listened to us last week, from the lesson with the youth member. But first, it was raining and she wasn't home, so her neighbors invited us in- lovely people. And three days before, the father had become paralyzed from the waist down from meningitis or something. We got to be an answer to prayer, and to pray with them for strength. 

And then Ay-Ay. This family, this investigator is so special. Pray for Ay-Ay and Don-Don Pabol. They read the Bible as a family, and pray together, and have sincere, seeking questions, and they're actually married, and they support each other in their jobs, and Ay-ay decided to stay home to help David John, their 3 year old learn to be a good boy. Don was taught before by some missionaries, but his schedule didn't work, but I have so much hope for them because they want to know! I can't believe the Lord is trusting us to help them, but I just want to do my best.

Here's a picture of me on a basketball court with a cow in the Philippines. I think that might be caption enough. I thought it might make you laugh.

The other picture is from our sacrament meeting out in Basay- there's a second sacrament meeting because it's too far away. So we had 4 members and 4 investigators, plus the missionaries and the branch presidency. Usually, the elders in our branch go out to Basay, but our Branch President said they needed us this week. And we were! I got to lead the music, and see God's love for these faithful saints, and as they bore their testimonies in this little nipa hut without walls, the Spirit couldn't fit. After sacrament, we taught one of the investigators, and she really got it. She felt God's love, God's plan for her family, and we all cried a little. It's those moments when the Visaya comes, or probably really, it just doesn't matter. 

I love every one of you! Good luck this week in everything! Tell me all about anything fun, or funny, or sad, or inspiring, or just plain good.

Ampin mo,
Sister Tueller

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